Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I got the neatest gift in the mail today! Karen Deborah
writes one of my favorite blogs She told me to look
for a gift in the mail from her--no reason, just because
she is a nice person. This is what came from her today:

I loved this book! Sorry Karen, I read it in one day. It is
exactly perfect for me, just like you said. It is a funny
story about a lady that loves to bake cakes. She loves
it so much that her family is begging her to stop they
are so tired of eating delicious cake all the time.

Then her husband loses his job and she decides to try
her hand at selling her cakes. The book follows her
trials and errors and the drama that surrounds her
family is hilarious. Highly recommended!

A customer of mine called and said she had been cleaning
out her attic and came across a box of old punch cups.
Would I like to have them? Hmm, let me think...YES.
They are very delicate and quite pretty. I can't wait
to make some delicious Cucumber Punch to
enjoy in them.

Then I went and got the mail and look at these 2 beauties
that arrived from a friend of mine in Michigan. She always
has the nicest headvases and they will look terrific for sale
in my shop.

I made a small cake this weekend for the
pastor that is retiring from my brothers'
church. I got to spend some time with
him this last spring when we went on the
Seattle school trip. What a kick he is,
I love his sense of humor. He is looking
forward to spending more time golfing,
so his cake reflected that.

Well our weather has reverted back to
warm, sunny summer and that is just fine
by me. It feels so good to reach Sept. 1st
and be able to sit out on the deck in the
sunshine. Tourist season is quickly
nearing the end and the last of the
cruise ships will be coming this
month. I can't say I will miss the
traffic, but their departure signals the
end of summer and the beginning
of fall, then winter, which I am not
sure I am mentally ready for yet.

My mom just sent me this picture of their dinner
tonight--fresh smelt my dad just caught--YUM!

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Karen Deborah said...

How did I miss this? You DID have Christmas guess that let's your husband off the hook. LOL. I just knew you would love the book. So does your mom like to make boxes?
I liked how the whole family got into the act. She was a precision baker like you too. Glad you enjoyed it.