Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's that time again--highlights from the
Sitka Police Blotter!
Life in a small Alaskan town...

These are some actual calls logged by our
police and reported in the daily newspaper.
Last month almost the entire police blotter
was filled with calls about bears in town.
Yes, we have our share of petty crimes and
emergencies, but for the most part this
is a very safe and crime-free place to live.

At 4:57 pm: police left a message for a driver
about his bad driving habits at the new

At 7:47 pm: a woman complained about frequent
practical jokes played on her property and she
wanted them to stop. She talked to the parents,
who sent the children over to apologize.

At 1:11 am: a man flagged down a police car in
the 400 block of Lincoln Street, but then told
officers he was just waving hello. (me: LOL!)

At 2:31 am: a man and woman were reportedly
"being friendly" in the 200 block of Lincoln Street
were advised to move along by police.

At 3:35 pm: A driver was reported as possibly being
intoxicated, but officers found he had just been trying
to get out of the way of another vehicle on the

**In case you haven't figured it out--we have a
new roundabout in town***

At 2:59 pm: a resident told police she was tired
of the neighbor's dog using her yard "as a restroom."

At 9:22 pm: a 911 call came in with the sounds of
yelling, screaming and singing in the background.
Police found a high school student whose cell phone
wasn't working properly.

7:30 am: a woman from out of town reported
receiving harassing calls from a Sitka resident.
The Sitka resident denied having made the calls,
but said he wouldn't call again.

At 7:51 pm: a caller reported a cat trying to get
into a vehicle at the airport. Officers found it was
a cat that had been missing for a month. The cat
and owner were reunited.

At 8:48 pm: a resident told police she smelled
marijuana smoke coming out of a truck she was
following down the road. Police were unable to
locate the vehicle.

At 10:34 pm: a stray dog was reported going into
a bar. Police found the dog's owner, who took
it to his boat.

And my personal favorite 911 call to the police:

At 7:15 pm: a resident called 911 to report someone
had been rude to her. She was advised of her options.