Monday, September 7, 2009


What do most families do over Labor Day?
I think most plan something fun to do or
somewhere fun to go, don't they? The school
year starts early up here, so this isn't technically
the start of the new school year like most places.
My daughter has already completed her second
full week of school.

Around this house we usually just keep working
on this holiday. We are small business owners
and there are no built in vacation days to take and
we don't get holidays paid so the jobs just
keep on a-rollin'.

This year, however, is different. My husband
broke 2 teeth and one of them broke right at
the gumline--ouch. He went to the dentist
and he said that the teeth were not able to
be saved and needed to be removed. The
oral surgeon comes down from Juneau for
that every few weeks, so he had to wait
almost 3 weeks until this Saturday to
have the teeth removed.

Everything went as well as can be expected,
but he was told not to be lifting, bending
or basically doing anything that would make
the stitched up holes in his mouth throb
and bleed. The surgeon told him there
was a 70% chance of having a dry socket
with the bottom tooth because of where
it's located and his advanced age (41-- LOL)

He was restricted from working, but nobody
said anything about playing! He and the kids
loaded up the 2 Quads and a dirt bike and went
out to the end of the road to ride a little. Both
of our daughters have been riding since before
they could walk, so this is a real treat to them.

Me? I just stayed home and learned a valuable
lesson about putting several pairs of shoes in the
washer at the same time with the laces still on them.

Oh, and while he wasn't working my hamster-cheek
husband cut out all the cabinet materials for the

Look what is growing up in our neighbor's yard. Poor guy,
he already went back home for the year and he's missing
these spectacular lillies blooming, along with continued
warm weather. It has been quite the summer with tons
of sun and very warm temperatures. The kind of weather
that makes all the tourists exclaim "I want to live here!"

I wonder what they would say if they could have seen
us trying to get to church last winter with our driveway
so coated with ice that our 1 ton truck with studded
tires and 4 wheel drive was sliding all by itself down
the driveway, in gear with the parking brake on?
They'd say "What kind of numnuts live here!"

Well, back to my bread and bran muffin baking for
a new week of school tomorrow...


Mary said...

Ouch! I am so glad your darlin' is doing better. Dental work is no fun. I laughed when I saw the picture of the tangled shoelaces - I did the same thing a few weeks ago - aaaagh! How exciting to actually see the pieces of your new cabinets :) I didn't start painting mine yet, but there's always next week! Have a wonderful week. (Mason gets his new hearing aids tomorrow!!!)

Niki RuralWritings said...

Oh! poor hubby!! Though it did come with in, kitchen cabinets!!! :)

I laughed at the shoe picture, how many hours did that take to untangle? I now know never to put shoes with laces in the machine, which I totally would have done without giving it a thought, so thanks :)

And although we live just outside of Ottawa and get more than our share of very nasty and long winter weather, I think yours sounds even worse...I can handle's ice I can't cope with!

Have a happy week

Karen Deborah said...

Poor hubby, what a drag, and not to even mention the price of a bridge so he doesn't look like the pumpkin man! You know about wet black tea bags right? Just bite down on them.
Dry sockets suck and the tea bags help prevent it. don't know how just does. Your kitchen is coming together! Cutting out is a big step.
That's some pretty serious ice your talkin about.