Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey, guess what? I'm still here! I am
sorry for the long silence, but I had a
bit of an episode with major back 
spasms that really did get the best 
of me there for awhile. You know,
where you have those awful thoughts
of Am I going to live through this?
Well, live through it I did and I am
back to baking and caking. I just
finished catering a picnic dinner for 
50 people this weekend and that 
made me really, really tired  LOL

My family has a bunch of spring babies
and between the months of March and
June we have 10 birthdays--and that's
not counting Mother's Day!

That is a lot of parties and cakes, and
then to top it off my older daughter
graduated from high school!!! She
turned 18 in May and graduated
the same month. We will have her
graduation party in July because
she went on a month long trip to
WA state right after graduation.

She took this lovely portrait herself--isn't 
it gorgeous? One of her goals is to be a 
photographer. A friend told me the other 
day, I think she is already!

She also tested for her high Blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and
passed. Next is Red and then on to Black. She graduated
with a 3.71 GPA and will come back home to attend the
local university until she enters the Coast Guard.

My younger daughter finished 6th grade with very high
grades the entire year, mostly A's. Here she is on the
left with her class singing at their year-end concert.
The other girl to the right is her younger cousin.
This was am amazing performance, these kids 
were really, really good!

I had to throw a little bit of cuteness in
here. My little niecie-poo out at the island
cabin just hanging around  :-)

The bears are back out by the estuary. If you look at the
top of the picture in the middle of the boardwalk you
can see momma bear and she had a yearling cub with
her by the tree.

We ran into a tourist lady with 2 children that were in
the area camping and wanted to walk on the boardwalk.
The Forest Service was out there that day putting the
tape back up across the boardwalk so people would
stay away. This lady was highly perturbed that she
couldn't walk along the boardwalk with her 2 kids
and she let everybody know it.

Hmmm, maybe they should have just let her go...
It's still a free country and they are just fuzzy old 
Grizzly Bears, right?

I have been busy caking and baking. Here is a baby shower
cake I made--this was really fun! Everything on the cake
is edible, chocolate cake with marionberry filling.

Here is the cake I made for my daughter's 18th birthday,
complete with hand made sugar flowers that were dusted
lavandar. This isn't the cake I had planned on doing, but
this was right in the middle of the back spasms episode,
so I feel fortunate that I was even able to finish it!

Both tiers were chocolate, the top tier had peanut
butter filling, the bottom was Oreo cookie filling.

A cake I made for my sister in law's birthday. She was at
my house and mentioned how cute this purse was, so
that's where I got the idea for her cake. Carrot cake with
whipped cream cheese frosting and white chocolate

Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and boats galore!


Niki RuralWritings said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! Wonderful girls you have, you must be very proud :)
The cakes are stunners, especially the baby shower cake, so cute!

Jane said...

You never cease to amaze me!! You are soooooo creative. Those cakes are gorgeous! I'm glad you're back in business. I was worried about you. And, it's so good to see Elea. Talk to you later. Me

mary said...

I was getting worried about you! I am thankful that your back is better. The cakes are wonderful, wonderful! If you lived just a little closer, we would be placing a wedding cake order with you! Your daughters are just beautiful, and I know you are so proud of them. Good job mom!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

great cakes and glad you are feeling better... yes maybe she should have taken a walk witout her kids on the boardwalk... sheesh people...

Caution Flag said...

I have missed you!! The difference between us is that if I had back spasms, I would have nothing to post about. But here you are with cakes and concerts. Your daughters are lovely! How proud you must be of them :)

Karen Deborah said...

I'm so SORRY about your back! YICK I can so relate, I would rather have the two broken ankles than a bad back. You've been missed i thought maybe you were just busy building the new kitchen or something. Never thought about you being hurt. Next time tell us so we can pray for you!