Saturday, June 13, 2009


The house feels so empty! Our older daughter 
is in WA state for a month and our younger
daughter left this morning for a week in 
Juneau at our church's camp. She was excited, 
nervous and scared all at the same time. The 
youth group caught the big ferry and will be 
met by another group up in Juneau, then 
drive to the camp.

They will be spending tonight on the ferry,
arrive in Juneau at 6:30 am and the week is
packed with events and fun. Everything from
paint ball to jet skis will be available. For
a kid that doesn't like to miss her sleep, she
is going to be one tired puppy when she gets
back here at 5:30 am next Saturday!

Here they are at the ferry terminal getting instructions
from Pastor Tim (grey shirt, camo shorts). Poor guy--
I counted 15 boys and 4 girls...makes me tired thinking
about how long that night will be on the ferry tonight
for him and he has a newborn at home that hasn't
been sleeping very well lately.

This is kind of a cool boat that went by this morning.
Doesn't everybody have their own helicopter that they
take everywhere with them?

Kitchen progress...well, there hasn't been a whole lot
due to the amount of customer work that needs to be
done. Everything is now sheetrocked and mudded,
waiting for a second coat of mud.

Mudding the master bedroom and talking to Mom
in Poland at the same time. She is a gardener and
quite upset that their weather has fallen apart with
drenching rain and storms.

I made a big batch of cookies for the local librarians and
for the vet that took care of my daughter's rabbit when
she got sick last week. What better way to say thanks
than an overdose of sugar right?


Karen Deborah said...

wow your kitchen is going to be GRANDE! I know all about missing daughters...the cookies are too cute

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow your house is such a cool work in progress and it seems to get finished ... mine is an unfinished work in progress... 20 plus years of unfinished... how totally cool for your daughters and love love the cookies they make me smile!

Caution Flag said...

That camp sounds better than any church camp I ever attended! Enjoy your quiet time, and I hope those girls hurry home.

mary said...

Enjoy your quiet week! I always have very mixed feelings when my children leave for camp. How can you be excited and sad at the same time? Your kitchen is already looking wonderful, and the cookies need to get on a plane and fly to me!