Thursday, May 14, 2009


Remember the Alaska Airlines contest called
Paint the Plane? The winner was a girl right
here from town. My brother knows the family
so they asked him to photograph the first 
flight of the newly painted plane as it flew 
into town. Most of the schools took the kids
over to watch it fly in. What an inspiring
thing for the younger kids to see!

I love this shot he took of her. She is the first person ever
to have her signature on an airplane. It will be fun to see
where this takes her in the world of graphic arts. The sky's
the limit if you work hard and aren't afraid to go out & try!

Neat shot he caught of the plane touching down--see the
bits of smoke from the wheels?

Keep an eye out for this plane at your airport--it's cool!


Karen Deborah said...

yeah it is! I'm glad your home. I do shape my bread like you said and I have for years. I think it's the yeast and next time I bake i'm going to cut back.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome plane i bet she is so proud!

Caution Flag said...

That is fantastic!!! And so is her signature :)

Dona said...

Wow! Good for her!

Karen Deborah said...

ok already what's cookin?