Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We are back in Alaska (thank goodness!) and I
am still trying to catch up on some rest. Seattle
was fun, busy, exhausting, smelly and beautiful
all at the same time. My camera is dying a slow
and painful death and it decided this trip to eat
every set of batteries I put into it.

Normally I take pictures of everything I see, 
but I ended up with just a handful out of all 
that we did.

My friend Jane and her sons picked us up
at Seatac and that was so amazingly nice
of her considering she hates to drive on
the freeway. She made a delicious lunch
for us and surprised some other good
friends of ours by inviting them also and
telling them she had a surprise for them.
Good food and good friends! Jane also
makes the best Mochas on the planet
and she treated me to one of those.

Everybody knows what this is, right? The
famous Space Needle in downtown Seattle.
It was built in 1962 and has 2 restaurants--
one at the top and one in the middle. We 
rode the elevator to the top and the view was
spectacular! The restaurant at the top slowly
rotates so that while you dine the scenery
changes constantly.

We also went to the Seattle Aquarium, the
Woodland Park Zoo, Pike Place Market,
Southcenter Mall, Zoopas, Mongolian
Grill, Pacific Science Center and The
Spaghetti Factory.

In between all of this we squeezed in
activities at the academy that we were
there to visit. We left Seattle on Monday
and went up to visit my mom and dad
for another week.

My old dog Reggie. A friend of mine has him
and he just turned 12 1/2 years old. He is
a huge German Shepard and one of the
best dogs we ever owned. I am afraid his
age is catching up with him now though.
He couldn't really hear us talking to him
and his eyes are mostly blue, but once he
smelled us he was rubbing and pushing
on us just like he used to do.

My friend's little boy and our Godchild.
Oh, he isn't cute or anything, is he?
I have never met him so I figured I
better make a trip over there and 
introduce myself. As you can tell he
 was totally impressed.

We ended the trip by getting most of
my cake supplies and things we can't
get here. Now I'm done shopping for
quite awhile. Whew.

When I got home I went to the grocery
store down the road and as I was
putting the groceries in my car a dog
in the truck next to mine was barking
like crazy. I looked to see what he was
barking at and there were 2 Humpback
Whales blowing right next to the store
parking lot.

Yep, it's good to be back.


Karen Deborah said...

Girl I MISSED you! Sounds like a too grand for words time. Your old dog just killed me, what a beautiful face. They never forget. Old dogs, new babies, great coffee, beautiful views and friends? A PERFECT trip. the camera? fugettabout it.

mary said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I missed you and thought about you having fun with your friends. I know that you are thankful to be home and sleeping in your very own bed - nothing better! I don't know how you ever leave the beautiful place where God has placed you :) Have a restful week playing with all of your new cooking goodies!

Caution Flag said...

I can NOT imagine seeing whales like that! Welcome home, friend. I missed you very much.

Dona said...

When you live in paradise even going to the grocery store is a picture postcard experience!

Looks like your trip south was busy with friends, family and sights!


Jane said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kris. It was sooooooo good to see again!