Monday, February 9, 2009


After the convention was over we had reserved a condo 
to stay at for 6 days before leaving for Colorado. Can you 
believe they had freezing temperatures for the first time
 in years? It was 74 the first day of our stay so we did get 
some pool time in. The condo was amazing--very new, 3 
bedroom, 3 bath and full kitchen and living room for 
$85.00 a night. That's it--no more hotels for us!

A person wrote this from an airplane on Sunday 
while we were laying by the pool.  U + God = :-)

We pretty much had the pool to ourselves--it was great.

What would a trip to Orlando be without a day at 
a theme park?


Some people you just can't take anywhere...

This was a store in Celebration, a town built by Disney. It is the 
cleanest, brightest, most perfect place I have ever been in my life. 
It reminded me of Pleasantville in that movie where everything 
and everyone is perfect. Even the streets were polished--no kidding!

See what I mean? Our streets in Alaska look like something 
from the Stone Ages compared to this LOL

And what is with these bearded trees? They were everywhere
we went in Florida.

These homes were all in Celebration. The sidewalks were 
swept clean and you could eat off the lawns.

We took one whole day and drove out to Cape Canaveral. 
Now that was worth seeing!
The Space Shuttle is all set up and being worked on.
This is the closest they would let us get, which was 3 
miles away. The bus rides were very nice since the place 
is so huge. The whole tour was very informative and very
 interesting. Too bad the wind was blowing so hard!

I just had to mention the is shaped like this
to keep the gators out. Before they put this fencing up
they had a 9 foot gator climb up and over and get into
the lunch room. We did see one laying in a water canal
on the side of the road as were were driving home. The
tour guide told us not to approach them if you see them
by the road.    Well Duh.

I think he needs a vacation from the vacation.


Kathy said...

A belated 'welcome home'! Love your pictures. It looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your ladies on the earlier blog. I like the little girl and the first lady the best.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

great photos... the spanish moss hanging from the trees is not really a moss but a fungus if I remember correctly I do know it is filled with chiggers LOL.

Becky said...

All your pictures are great! I love that NASA building and all the pics from "plesantville" LOL.

mary said...

You had a fabulous trip - I love all the pictures! Isn't it wonderful just to get away and spend time with family? The only downside is the mountain of laundry that always follows us home :)

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Kathy--thanks for the welcome home! We had fun, but it already seems like a long time ago. Isn't that weird?

Laura--thanks for the info. WHAT in the world is a chigger? Sounds about as bad as a tick.

Becky--thanks for stopping by. NASA was awesome! Everyone should go there and learn what the space program is all about. It has never interested me much, but it does now!

Mary--yes, we all agreed it was the best vacation we have ever had. And guess what? No laundry followed us home! The condo had a brand new washer and dryer and I did all the dirty laundry before we left. Like I said--no more hotels!


Karen Deborah said...

Great trip! You really don't know what a chigger is? How about a red bug? they are tiny, creepy, horrible itchy little beasties that crawl under your skin and drive you insane! Good thing you didn't learn the hard way. Florida is gorgeous, I love it. Great photos, and I really did miss you. Welcome home.

Gina said...

Hi Kris,

Welcome home! Am glad you had such a great time at the Lady Head Vase Convention! One of these years, we will go! Actually was going to go a few years ago, but we were not able to do it.

I have stayed at the lovely hotel; when I was at a convention back in 1996. Loved it! Did not have a lot of spare time; however, it was a nice change! The weather was cool then too - mid January as well.

The houses in the photos are gorgeous, with their unique architecture! Love them!

Also, loved the house of your great aunt & uncle. Beautiful property; and leading down to a lake! Appreciated the style and the elegant decor; both inside and outside! My style exactly! LOL!

The 'Celebration' Store - Where is that located?

When I was in Orlando, I remember going to one such beautiful store, that had many special things in it...Bears namely! The outside entrance looks so familiar; and the store was within walking distance from the hotel. It was on the same side of the street as the hotel, there were parking lots to traverse through; and kind of an alcove of shops? Anyway, it would be great, if it was the same store!!!! I ended up buying a little teddy bear lamp light...very cute. I smile everytime I see it.

Anyhoo, thanks for sharing all your news and pictures.

Welcome home again!

P.S. I can appreciate why you might be thinking 'time to go away again!' LOL!

P.P.S. Am glad too, that you asked what 'chiggers' are! I was tempted to inquire as well! Ugh....they sound like horrid little beasties.