Saturday, December 6, 2008


If anybody is interested in making a Pumpkin Roll I took 
pictures this week while making a customer's order. The recipe 
is on the Libby's Pumpkin can, so I didn't type it here. This is the 
same technique for any kind of cake roll you want to make. A Yule 
Log is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on the outside that is 
frosted to look like tree bark. It is a fantastic dessert to serve at your 
Christmas dinner and as you will see here, it's not that difficult!

I mix the dry ingredients thoroughly with a wire 
whisk many times over. You can also sift them, I 
just find this easier and more effective.

Beat eggs and sugar together thoroughly until thick.

Beat pumpkin into beaten egg mixture.

Grease your jelly roll pan completely with Crisco,
sides and everything.

Lay parchment paper down onto greased sheet, then grease the paper.

Sprinkle flour over the greased parchment paper, sides 
and all, then shake it out until just a fine film of flour remains
to cover the grease. I have found this assures that the roll will 
easily pop out after baking and the paper will slip right off 
without taking any cake with it.

Now mix the flour into your pumpkin mixture gently with a 
wire whisk. You need to incorporate air into the batter so it isn't 
tough and will roll easily without breaking. Just fold the whisk 
carefully through the batter and lift it a little to let the batter 
drop through until it is all mixed in.

Spread batter evenly into the prepared pan, making sure 
to get it into the corners and as even as possible so your 
cake will roll evenly.

Bake for specified amount of time and test for 
doneness by poking very gently with your finger 
into the middle of the cake. It should spring back 
when done. If it doesn't put back in but watch it 
carefully! It doesn't take much time for it to burn 
because it is so thin.

Put a generous amount of powdered sugar into 
your sifter and sift it over a clean cotton kitchen 
towel laid out flat on the counter. My recipe calls for 
1/2 cup, but I have found it's not nearly enough to 
keep the cake from sticking. I don't measure,
I just keep sifting until it's covered.

Tip the baked cake up on it's side and quickly
flip out of the pan onto the powdered towel. Just 
give it a quick push forward and it should easily 
land face down.

Remove the parchment paper...

And begin rolling the cake up with the towel into a small, tight roll.

Leave tightly rolled cake in towel on 
rack until completely cool.

In the meantime mix your frosting 
(filling) ingredients together.

Spread evenly over cooled cake that 
has been unrolled and flattened.

Cake should easily roll back up into a tight 
roll and then you can either sift powdered 
sugar over it or frost it at this point-just
remember to keep the seam side down! If
the edges are uneven I slice a bit off each
edge for a prettier presentation.

Here is the Pumpkin Roll I made that I sifted 
powdered sugar over and placed on a gold doily
 with some decorations for my customer. If you 
want a frosted roll like I showed a picture of this 
last week, then just leave some of the frosting from
 the filling out to cover the outside with. Then run a 
fork down the sides to look like tree bark. I keep 
these refrigerated until about an hour before serving
to keep the cream cheese fresh. Enjoy!


mary said...

Hi sweet friend,
If you will email me your address, I will mail you a gingerbread cookie (pizza) pan. We have 4 Walmarts, and I think I go to at least one of them every other day!
rstrick1 at suddenlink dot net

Now, I really need to bake a pumpkin roll - yours looks yummy!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to photograph each step. Rachel and I are ready to try this recipe and armed with your tutorial I feel the chances of success have increased. I'll let you know how it turns out. : )