Thursday, December 4, 2008


I just finished reading an excellent book titled The Coming 
Economic Earthquake by Larry Burkett. I found it at our 
local thrift store when I was getting a few other books. 
This book was written in 1991 and it is quite an eye-opener
how pretty much everything the author wrote is coming 
true right now. I took a yellow pen and highlighted about 
75% of the book so I can go back over it.

If nothing else, the book is a great read just for the economic 
history of the U.S. and other countries that the author talks
about. Be warned--it is scary when you get to the parts about 
where this is all leading. Fiat money, trillions of $$ in deficit, 
rampant government overspending, the coming socialism, 
etc, etc, etc.

To keep things in perspective I am posting an email my brother 
forwarded from a friend of his. I think it speaks volumes about 
keeping your head when it seems like the whole world is falling
apart around you.

Is This the End of the World?

Over the last few weeks I have been completely deluged 
with thousands of e-mail from many well-meaning people. 
I can’t begin to read or respond to all the e-mail, so I thought
it best to write a brief article.

Right now there are several pastors out there that are 
feeding the frenzy about the coming world economic collapse, 
and many other sensational things. They are telling people 
to sell everything, Jesus is coming, etc. Some have very 
convincing stories of how conspiracy is taking place at all 
levels and we will all soon be under martial law, etc. Through
the years these same preachers have left a trail of blood and
devastated people who followed their advice, lost everything, 
and became bitter and disillusioned.

Sometimes I just sigh and shake my head. Having been in ministry
for 25 years, I have seen this over and over. It seems we never 
learn. In the early 80’s it was the housing crash, then the late 
80’s it was the Savings & Loan crisis. Does anyone remember 
Y2K? How about the market crash of 2000?

I have received at least 400 e-mail from people about this 
guy named Hal Turner who says we are switching to a new 
currency called the “Amerio” and he holds a coin up to prove it. 
This is supposed to make our dollar collapse, etc. Yet if anyone
did two minutes of research they would see it is a complete hoax. 
The coin is not real—it is a novelty you can buy from the website At home, I have one a friend gave me. You 
can buy them on the Internet, like on E-Bay, etc.

I would like to suggest that Christians need to stay balanced. 
Please read Luke 19 very carefully. God told us to occupy till 
he comes. He told us to invest and make good returns till he 
comes. The two men who did, God blessed when he returned. 
He told them “Well done good and faithful servants”—the only
place you read those words in the Bible.

My friends this crisis will pass. What we are seeing is the 
inevitable result of greed and unethical practices. The sins of 
financial institutions  and government have come home to roost. 
But it is not the end of the world. The economy is a living, breathing 
creature. Sometimes it gets fat, and it has to release some gas. 
Sometimes it breathes in, sometimes it breathes out. But in 
this natural process where men reap what they have sown, it 
is critical to stay balanced.

I think the biggest crisis is that people get so caught up in 
sensational speculation that they forget the spiritual issues. 
There is a reason why in Revelation God only once mentions 
in passing about buying and selling in relation to the Beast 
and it’s image. The reason is, He could care less. God is not 
interested in you knowing the details of how the world 
economic situation will play out. If He were, he would have 
devoted many verses to explain it. What God is interested in 
is your heart, and the spiritual issues. He is interested in the 
millions of souls around you who are dying without a Savior. 
He is interested in the millions of souls who are struggling 
with their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues 
when you have the biblical principles to help and reach them. 
So don’t let these sensational, crisis and fear mongering 
preachers control you any more. Don’t waste time on their 
idle speculation and doom and gloom fear based articles, 
DVDs and CDs. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, 
but of power, love and a sound mind!” Many are chasing 
the devil's rabbits over the “coming crisis” when we should
be about our Father's business.

Should we be aware of the signs of the times? Yes. Should we be 
aware of prophecy being fulfilled? Of course! But this awareness 
should not make us cash out our savings, sell our home, buy gold
and a 5-year supply of beans that we bury in the back yard while
we see Jesuits and Masons behind every tree plotting our destruction.

Keep your eyes on our leader, Jesus. Remember He has already 
won the battle. We are already more than conquerors. I don’t give
a hoot about the Masons, the Illuminati, the New World Order, or
government or oil or new currency, or a global collapse. The devil 
loves for you to get caught up in this nonsense. In 12 months this 
will all be forgotten and no one will remember—just like Y2K.

I’m on the winning team! How about you? The final crisis is not 
about economy; it is about good versus evil. It is spiritual. So 
let's keep our focus on God’s agenda. You and I should make 
spiritual preparation and make our hearts right before God, 
and then devote all your energy and time to helping others to
do the same. There is only one thing to focus on at a time like 
this—seeking and saving the lost. Give them the Good News.

Occupy till He comes,


Leo Schreven, Director / Speaker
All Power Seminars, APS, and All Power Ministries, APM
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APS: P. O. Box 579, Kettle Falls, WA 99141
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to break this news to you, but if the coin he showed was fake, the paper Ameros he is now also showing are quite real! Me thinks it is YOU being duped that this AMERO effort is fantasy.

Anonymous said...

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Hey Anonymous--why don't you come out of the shadows, sign your name and have some REAL dialogue with me? How are you ever going to give credibility to your views if you just throw an argument out there without risking anything of yourself?

Here--I'll even leave you my email if you prefer to talk that way:

I'm an open minded person--try me.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! I love how the bible has such clear cut instructions for those who take the time to read ... HUGS laura

Karen Deborah said...

great post Kris. Larry Burnett had a great ministry and a lot of insights.
I hear you panic is the last thing. We have so much when so much of the world struggles for a clean cup of water and a daily ration of grain. We are freaking out about our wealth? It just goes to show you how far we have fallen.
what we need is the 3rd spiritual awakening.

pam said...

This reminds me of the silly story of the man who wanted to take a gift to God in Heaven, so he took gold. St. Peter asked him "Of all the thing,why would you bring God pavement?"

We're just passing though here. Good post Kris.

Becky said...

Thank you.

mary said...

I love that God is a God of peace, not worry or fear. Regardless of what the world looks like today, we know the ending - we know who wins the war1 I have been deeply bothered by parents who are frightening their children with information about all of this economic mess. We should be light in times of darkness, and we need to be speaking peace and not fear over our homes. OK - I am off my soap box now :) Have a blessed weekend my friend!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Yep, yep, yep. : D I laughed recently when I read about the past economic devastation in the '80s, '90s, and so on. We didn't notice because we were busy getting married, buying a house, having kids, and so on. We didn't read the news enough to know we were supposed to be suffering. We just trusted God and prospered. The UNPARALLELED wealth streak the news continually refers to under Clinton's watch was our worst personal time financially. Guess we are out of sync with the world -- HOORAY! God blesses regardless of the news. I'll just keep trusting God and behaving prudently. : ) Great post!

p.s. I read Burkett's book when it came out. Gained a lot of knowledge and insight.

p.p.s. We prepared for Y2K in ways that would ensure my son would have proper meds and access to power for his equipment. Never regretted the stockpile of beans either; just seemed prudent and wise. ; )