Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My post about the newly completed cabin available for camping had several
comments and a few people even emailed me directly about information to
use the cabin. Here is a website listing recreation cabins and shelters in the
Tongass National Forest. It has links to each cabin with photos, directions
and what to expect. I didn't see the newest cabin listed there, maybe because
it was just completed. Keep checking back, I am certain it will be there soon.

A few years ago on the 4th of July weekend almost my entire family took a 
trip to Kruzof Island North Beach Cabin. This cabin is located on the 
other side of the volcano that we see out our windows. The biggest reason 
people go to this island is to ride ATV's and to hunt during the fall months.

My husband, kids and I were beachcombing the second morning we were
there and saw a mother bear and 3 baby cubs on the next beach over. We saw
her again on the way back--again, she was across a body of water from us so
there was no danger. 

There are a lot of old logging roads and trails and of course the scenery is 
unbelievable. It is an approx. 45 minute ride by boat from town.

Here we are getting ready to leave from one of the harbors in town. The 
only boat that would hold everyone and their quads has a drop bow so we 
could drive right onto the beach with the quads when we got to the island.

Here we are underway. I think every square inch of this 
very large boat was used!

On the 7 1/2 mile trail headed for the cabin. If you don't want to 
ride quads you can have a float plane drop you off or take a boat
all the way around to the beach.

Crossing a bridge along the trail. We all shut the quads off and then I 
realized there was a bear in the river. Did you know that a large portion
 of a brown bear's diet is berries and grass? They spend a lot of their
time foraging and grazing. If you click the picture you may be able to
see it in the upper middle right at the tree line.

This beach is perfect for riding--very flat sand with no rocks or logs.

One big drawback--beachcombing amongst the crowds LOL

We all went for a hike on the next beach over and found a whale carcass. 
The left bone is a rib, the right bone is a disk from the spine.

We had fun with fireworks at night thanks to my brothers bringing a huge stash.

Learning to use a gun and respect it is an essential part of being able to 
enjoy the wild places. I know a number of you that read this blog have commented 
in the past how much you dislike guns and the use of them. That's probably great 
for where you live, but when you live in a place where the brown bears are 
sometimes discovered on people's porches you better know how to use a gun. 
And knowing that every other person has a gun on their person or in their 
home, boat or vehicle, you better teach your kids gun safety!

Case in point: we had a bear in camp on this trip. I was sitting by the fire 
when my older brother yelled Bear!! I saw the bear right behind the cabin 
and it was already turning and running. It was scary to me because 3 of the
 girls had just taken the quads down the trail for a short ride. Talk about get 
your heart racing!

The kidlets in front of the cabin.

Heading back home. It was loads of fun and I can't wait to go again.


Karen Deborah said...

what a great trip! love the picchas and your right about the cabins. so why do we all live in houses?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful photos wonderful fun and absolutely teach the kids gun use and safety... its not different than teaching them quad safety... you would not put them on a quad and say ok now go ... you teach them the proper way to use it and how to be safe while using it... shrug... Common sense to me. SOME DAY I am coming to ALASKA that is absolutely on my list of things to do in this life... oh that picture with the mountains and creek is absolutely AMAZING!

Becky said...

That looks like an absolutely wonderful trip. Beautiful, beautiful country. I would be very comfortable there. I agree with you about the guns, if you have to have them its best to get the questions and curiosity out of the way under adult supervision.

Dibs are little chocolate covered bite sized pieces of icecream. Sort of like bon-bons LOL!

gina's tidbits said...

Love the beautiful beach..neat tiny islands in the mist!
Great pictures too! Thanks for sharing!

God Bless.