Friday, October 24, 2008


The forest service just put the finishing touches on the newest cabin that is 
available to the public for camping. It is located over near the artesian well 
and I think they did a great job.

Isn't it neat! The inside has a loft and wood stove. I think I saw a sign that 
said $50.00 a night and it is the only forest service cabin available that you 
can drive a car to. All the rest are out in the forests and a lot of them are only 
accessible by boat. Wouldn't this be awesome to spend Christmas Eve night in? 
Wake up to the forest covered in snow and the river right outside the door...

We took a short walk around Mosquito Cove since it was miraculously not 
raining. We didn't go very far because it was already getting dark in the woods
 at 5:00 pm. Well, that and the forest service closes and locks the gate promptly
 at 6:00 pm. I laughed reading the sign that is attached to the gate as you drive
 in. It says something to the effect of: If you are reading this from the locked 
side of the gate, you obviously didn't read our signage about gate closure times.
Not exactly sympathetic, are they?

A pretty picnic area overlooking the ocean. There were people out there scuba diving.

Ahhhh, my favorite place to photograph...Starrigavin. Otherwise known as the 
estuary. Isn't it gorgeous with the tide all the way in.

The streams are almost all the way cleared of dead fish from when the 
salmon were swimming upstream and dying in Sept. It still has a bit of a decay 
smell in the air, but not as bad as the liquid manure smells from the numerous 
dairy farms where we used to live. At least I don't have to hold my breath here!

I was asked to make 12 dozen cookies for a church service in town and 
since it was Alaska Day I made them in the shape of the flag. I didn't have a 
flag cookie cutter so I ended up cutting them by hand and made a pattern for 
placing the stars. The smaller spots (stars) represent the Big Dipper and the 
large star represents the North Star. Fun stuff! 

I received my order with 50 new cookie cutters in it & can't wait to try them out!

And for your reading pleasure I invite you to visit my best friend's new blog.
She lives in Colorado and writes about everything from recipes to horses to
being a professional webmaster. Good stuff! Check it out here.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Those cookies are decorated perfectly! Really good work, I think. The cabin is out of a picture book. I'll have to keep it in mind if we ever make it up to your great State.

Becky said...

Wow that cabin looks great and the trail just beautiful. I love where you live, everything is so scenic. The cookies are super. You did a marvelous job, by hand even. amazing!

gina's tidbits said...

Hi Kris,

Wow! Is all I can say! The cabin looks like a 'Gingerbread House!'. And yes, Christmas Eve, hmmmmm. Yum! Nice! Beautiful. The cabin reminds me a bit of our new Panabode at Pasley; although the Alaskan cabin looks wonderful!

The cookies look fabulous too! Inovative! Happy Alaska Day!

Hope you and your family are doing great!

God Bless.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I want to live in that cabin !!! My dream home is a log cabin! Love all the photos from your neck of the woods its so beautiful up there ... WOW on those cookies they just look fantastic!
Hugs laura

Karen Deborah said...

oh stink, I'm just jealous plain and simple, the cabin, the view the cookies,....your killin me.

mary said...

You may live in the most beautiful place on earth! I would love to spend my days in a log cabin in Alaska next to a stream - maybe someday :0) Your cookies look wonderful. You must have the patience of Job to cut out 144 cookies by hand! You are amazing!

pam said...

Very cool cookies! Loving them. I think I will rent that cabin for Christmas Eve 2012. I figure I should save up a few years so we can do lots of fun stuff in Alaska while we are up there!

Lady Farmer said...

Recently found your blog and this is only the second time I have visited. You are living my husbands dream ~ in Alaska. (I would happily come along with him, of coarse.) I am very interested in the rental of the Forest Service Cabin. Could you give me some more info. on the particulars, a web site perhaps? Renting it would be a great gift for The Gentleman Farmer.