Monday, August 25, 2008


My Mom arrived yesterday for a 2 week+ visit! The weather cleared 
from a torrential downpour to cloudy skies just in time for her flight 
to arrive. She will be helping out at Keith's house and visiting 
everybody since most of our family lives in this town.

It's surprising how the grandkids have a way of becoming 
almost as tall as you when you haven't seen them for awhile.

My Mom read my blog post about my Grandma's tatting and needlework, 
so she brought me a few of the pieces she had that my Grandma had made. 
This one I remember from growing up. It was on the back of my Grandpa's 
chair where his head rested. I distinctly remember his head resting on this 
as he snored with his chin on his chest. I am going to get a frame and mount 
this in to hang on the wall.

I think these Tatted pieces would look neat displayed in a frame too...

These are the best for drying dishes! My Grandma had a swing-out hanger 
in her kitchen that these would dry on after doing dishes. Her cupboards 
were so tall and if you opened certain ones you could see the candy stash 
she had. My Grandma loved sweets and her favorites were the orange sticks 
covered in chocolate (mine too) and those huge gumdrops covered in sugar.

This is the same as real gold to Grandma's roll recipe that I 
remember from growing up. My uncle John wrote it out so Mom could 
bring it to me. My Grandma baked in one of those ovens that was on top 
of the stove with a glass window and we used to watch these rolls while 
they were baking. I can still smell them as they cooked and there was 
always a pressure cooker hissing on the stove top with brown rice inside. 
I can't wait to try it--I wonder if I can make them as good as I remember?


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh my! What lovely treasures! I'm trying that recipe for sure. Sounds very much like the ones my great-grandma used to make (she was the last cook in the family until I came along). The needlework is lovely and the memories attached make it even lovelier. Enjoy your visit with your mom! : )

mary said...

What treasures! I love, love to have things made by my grandparents and great-grandparents. I bought a cross-stitch sampler at a garage sale because on the back of the frame a grandmother had written a note to her grandchild. I was very peeved that someone would sell something their grandmother had made for them at a garage sale! Enjoy your sweet mother :0)

pam said...

That's so neat. I have some linens from W's family, and a few things my Grandma made me, but wish I had more.
Here's your assignment, make sure to take a photo of you, your mom and your girls while she is there. Got it? Generational shot of some sort. Go do it... go on... what are you waiting for??!

Becky said...

I love old fashioned, handmade/written, family treasures. Those embroideries are so cute I want to pick them up and smell them (is that weird or do you know what I mean?)

I have my grandma's hand written cream puff recipe and a song she wrote out for my kids to sing that I will treasure forever. A little piece of her I can pass on for generations to come.

Karen Deborah said...

Isn't that a wonderful treat? I LOVE the little tea pot with cupie doll eyes. Very special on all counts. Enjoy your mom. OF course you can make the BUNS, you my dear can make anything!
DITTO on the photo and post it!

Caution Flag said...

I think Uncle John has lovely handwriting! Enjoy your visit. What a sweet, sweet lady to bring you so many treasures.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful treasures I love tatting and needle work that i have from my grandma... those will be wonderful framed and on the wall!
Oh i cant wait to drool on the computer when you show us those buns... who knows I might break out the yeast and make a batch myself :)
HUGSSSSSS and have a wonderful visit!

theshepherdshouse said...

Oh what wonderful treasures!! I love family heirlooms!

Enjoy the time you have to visit with your mom!


Janette said...

Enjoy your mom - and the memories she brought with her.