Thursday, August 21, 2008


Our part-time neighbor invited us to dinner tonight since he is leaving in a
couple of weeks to go back home until next fishing season. We picked sushi
since it's always good and we all enjoy it.

It was a warm evening, so I took a few pictures of some things that caught
my eye as we were walking around town after dinner:

Aren't these lillies beautiful? It seems so late for them to be blooming to me!

Some interesting history on the purchase of Alaska. I think you 
can read it if you click the picture to make it larger.

The American Lady--I like the graphics--very patriotic.

There are some really nice banners hanging throughout the town. 
I especially like this eagle.

This is placed inside the door of a store at night after they close. 
They sell expensive ivory, carvings, furs, etc.
I don't think they get very many break-ins.

This guy was sitting patiently inside a car we walked past. His shoulders 
and chest were twice as wide as his head and yes, his mouth was closed.

What can I say? For the man who has everything  :-)


Becky said...

LOL!!! I finally know what to give My Love for his birthday!

I can't believe that bear trap, I would hate to be the one to 'disarm' it.

That dog is TOO cute! A barrel with legs, huh.

Thanks for the laughs :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that last picture was funny.

It looks like it's for men who don't like to get a chill!


Niki RuralWritings said...

quite an assortment of photos :)

I love the dog, nice trap, talk about security!

As for the last photo...well, what can I say??? lol

Caution Flag said...

I'm thinking that you really do live in a different world than I do! I think if anyone put a trap like that in their store here the ACLU would be involved immediately. People shouldn't get injured just because they try to rob a place :) And the dog in the car? Headline news of abuse around here. Maybe we need to head to Alaska.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

What a lovely walkabout. I was scrolling down to find some pics of the sushi too. : ) I love sushi -- good choice.

Karen Deborah said...

Zowie that last piccha threw me for a loop. For a minute I thought somebody had dropped their drawers in public. Store window displays, right. Maybe in Alaska they need a warmer like that.
I would love it if you'd explain how to arrange photos,my antics are indescribable.

mary said...

I loved your fun assortment of pictures. I would love to see lilies in August! And the dog - only a mom could love that darlin'. I think I was more surprised at the price of the last item - who would pay $35 for those?!?!?!? Don't they know how much fabric you can buy for $35? Have a fun weekend with your sweet family.
Love, Mary

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I should have taken pictures of the sushi, but we were just too hungry. Just FYI, there is also a fur bikini for women, and it doesn't have very big fur pieces, let me tell you what!

I do wonder every time I walk by these--WHO wears them???