Wednesday, July 9, 2008



  • APPEAL--What a banana comes in

  • ALARMS--What an octopus is

  • ARBITRATOR--A cook that leaves Arby's
  • to work at McDonalds

  • ARRANGE--Kitchen and cowboy necessity

  • BALDERDASH--A rapidly receding hairline

  • CARTOON--A song about an automobile

  • COFFEE--A person who is coughed upon

  • COINCIDE--What you should do when it rains

  • COUNTERFEITERS--Workers who put together
  • kitchen cabinets

  • ECLIPSE--What an English barber does for a living

  • FLATTERY--Phony express

  • FLATULENCE--The emergency vehicle that picks
  • you up after being run over by a steam roller

  • ICICLE--An eavesdropper

  • GARGOYLE--Olive flavored mouthwash

  • HANDKERCHIEF--Cold Storage

  • HEROES--What a guy in a boat does

  • KHAKIS--What you need to start the car 
  • in Boston

  • LOCOMOTIVE--A crazy impulse

  • LYMPH--To walk with a lisp

  • MISTLETOE--A platform base for a warhead

  • MONOPOLY--One parrot

  • NOMAD--Even tempered

  • PARACHUTES--Double-barrel shotgun

  • PASTEURIZE--Too far to see

  • PHARMACIST--A helper on the farm

  • PROPAGANDA--A gentlemanly goose

  • REALIZE--Not glass peepers

  • SELFISH--What the owner of a seafood 
  • store does

  • TOBOGGAN--Why you go to an auction

  • UNAWARE--Great Grandad's BVD's


Debbie in CA : ) said...

I'm doubled up with laughter!!! This is my last stop on the web before I must return to the land of the living (aka -- those who must be fed). You are sending me back with a smile. Thanks a bunch! : )
p.s. I will be bringing Rachel around later to see your bears -- adorable cuddly-looking things, aren't they?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lol tooo funny! thanks for the laughter...

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thanks for stopping buy guys--glad to help make you laugh! I like the Unaware myself...LOL


Karen Deborah said...

how's your brother?

Becky said...

I only wish I was NOMAD but alas I am full of LOCOMOTIVEs. ;-)

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Karen--he went into surgery at 7:00am for approx. 7 hours. I will post an update once I hear how it went. Next week it will be the right foot, which the Dr. said was pretty severe. Thank you for asking!