Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Did you know that laughter is good for you? As in physically good for you?

Laughter even burns calories!

Laughter is even good for your heart--who needs oatmeal!

My next door neighbor was recovering from abdominal surgery and needed to use the restroom. Her husband was outside on their property somewhere, so she made the monumental effort to make a trip to the bathroom by herself. She pulled herself slowly out of bed, pulled herself to her feet and started tip toeing gingerly across the room with tiny baby steps. She finally made it to the doorway with her nightgown hanging every which way from the effort and managed to get herself over to the area of the toilet. 

Passing the mirror as she went she noticed her hair was sticking straight up in 2 spots and completely plastered to her head in others from being bed ridden but she didn't really care at this point. She very gently lowered herself with her nightgown pulled up around her chest area and flung over her shoulder so it wouldn't interfere and eased herself slowly to a seating position. With a huge, grateful sigh she opened her eyes and in the second story window in front of her is the face of the repair man she hired to work on the outside of the house. He was at the very top of the ladder and trying desperately to pretend he hadn't seen a thing. She said she couldn't move and he couldn't jump down off the top of the ladder, so there they were. She started laughing and he started laughing and she ended up laughing so hard and for so long that her husband had to come and help her off the toilet.

So all you people out there I just have to know: What in the world made you laugh out loud?


Karen Deborah said...

True true true!

mary said...

What fun pictures! Stress isn't fun at all, but laughing out loud frees the heart. Our Madelyn makes me laugh all day with her funny 3 year old observatons and mispronunciations. I love your Wednesday posts - keep up
the good work!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH MY GOD that story cracked me up ~! Tears are pouring down from laughing so hard... I so recall the days after abdominal surgery... I gave up modesty and was thirilled to have anyone who cared enough about me to help wipe my hiney...oh the pain!

I love to laugh and odd things will make me laugh... lately its hard to laugh around here but, this too shall pass!
Love n hugs and an extra hug for the neighbor (and the guy working LOL)

Caution said...

That's GREAT story. I was hurting so much for her before she even got to the bathroom though! Love that last baby picture especially.

The suggestions in Tuesday's post are great, too.