Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is a very busy time of year for us. The weather plays such a huge part in what
we do and when, because of the nature of our business. Owning a home repair and
maintenance business means lots of outside work and when it's not raining my
husband is a happy camper!

But, we live in a rain forest. So we get lots of rain. The outside work still needs to be
done and if the weather prevents it there tends to be a lot of stress building up. Well,
that and the fuel going through the roof, food prices changing daily, the presidential
election coming up, war, health insurance, etc, etc.

I have been thinking a lot lately how fast time is going. I mean, doesn't it seem like
the clock has been sped up? I am constantly saying "wasn't it just Friday? wasn't it
just Tuesday?" I have been thinking that when we get this busy ALL THE TIME that
we miss the best part of everything, which is the journey itself. 

What good is it to be working yourself to the bone towards something if you make 
yourself so sick and tired getting there that you can't enjoy what you are working 
towards? What good is the end result if you can't remember anything good along 
the way because you were just so darn busy? Our kids are only young one time--
we don't get a do-over in that department. What if all they remember about growing 
up is how BUSY the family was?

I found a book in my library's for sale cart called Simple Abundance last week. Inside
are entries in a daily journal with excellent quotes and wisdom for seeking happiness
in the simple things. I skipped ahead to October 9th and the entry is called Coping
With Stress. Here is a list of simple things you can do inexpensively or free to keep
the stress level down in your home and life. You may have read these before, but
they are simple truths that you can start right this moment.

  • Begin and end the day with prayer and reflection.
  • Cultivate gratitude. (HUGE)
  • Carve out an hour a day for solitude.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep your house picked up. (surprisingly important)
  • Don't overschedule.
  • Strive for realistic deadlines.
  • Never make a promise you can't keep.
  • Allow an extra half hour for everything you do. (Running late=STRESS)
  • Create quiet surroundings at home and work.
  • Go to bed at 9:00 twice a week. (your body's healing takes place at night)
  • Always carry something interesting to read.
  • Breathe--deeply and often. (this is a BIG one--try it)
  • Move! Walk, dance, run, etc.
  • Drink pure water--LOTS of it. (you're not sick--you're thirsty)
  • Eat only when hungry.
  • If it's not delicious--don't eat it. (try these 2--watch the weight fall off)
  • Set aside one day a week for rest and renewal (God's idea)
  • Laugh more often. ( the library carries I Love Lucy reruns!)
  • If you don't love it, live without it. 
  • Let Mother Nature nurture. (anyone for a walk by the ocean?)
  • Don't answer the telephone during dinner.
  • Stop trying to please everybody.
  • Stay away from negative people.
  • Don't squander your time and emotions.
  • Nurture friendships.
  • Don't be afraid of your passion.
  • Approach problems as challenges to solve. (remember--breathe deeply!)
  • Honor your aspirations.
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Savor beauty. (How many of us REALLY do this?)
  • Create boundaries.
  • For every "yes" let there be a "no". 
  • Remember, happiness is a living emotion.
  • Care for your soul.
  • Cherish your dreams.
  • Express love every day. (even dogs do this--why don't we?)


mary said...

I wrote today on my blog about discontentment. I know that stress and not being content go hand in hand at my house. I love the list of ways to reduce stress and increase thankfulness. Isn't it a shame that life gets so busy that we have to remind ourselves to breathe! Breathe, eat a cookie, and have a fun day today.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

excellent post much of this I try already but I think more needs to be implimented!
I will eventually have martha read what you sent for her... she is sort of on a balance beam right now and she slips quickly from ok to flying off the handle and me blogging about her sends her over the deep end right now.
Thank you HUGS

Karen Deborah said...

A very timely message tonight, thank you