Thursday, June 12, 2008


I received an email last week from our former pastor's son. He was diagnosed with
Type 1 Diabetes about 2 years ago and very nearly lost his life to a diabetic coma.
Now that he is living with the disease he wants to help other people who are dealing
with Diabetes. He has created a line of handmade leather ID medical bracelets that
younger people may like to wear. They are not just for Diabetes--anybody with a
medical condition can benefit from wearing one of these bracelets.

He also has a lot of other plans and dreams. Here is an excerpt from the email he
sent me:

I was living a healthy life until Diabetes forever changed it all.

Instead of letting this disease weigh me down, I chose early on to let it motivate me
to achieve great things. I was given a second chance, and now it’s my turn to make
a difference in the world, but I need your help.

Last December, I began dreaming up plans that will have a great impact on the diabetic
community. I have dreams of starting helpful websites for diabetic teenagers; dreams of
writing the first teenage diabetic magazine; and dreams of leading a national hospital
visitation group. The list goes on and on. Each one of these dreams is not something
that will just happen overnight. Each one will take time and work to accomplish.

I have begun to design, market, and sell my own line of medical alert jewelry under the
name: Evasion ID…a medical bracelet that you’ll want to wear. Medical jewelry saves
lives by alerting medical responders to a person’s particular health condition. Evasion
ID provides fashion along with function and encourages more people to wear these
life-saving bracelets. This line of products is sold at

Now I need your help, and it can come in many different ways.

First of all, if you know anyone who is a diabetic (Type 1 or 2), please refer them to my
website and tell them my story.

Second, spreading the word about Evasion ID is central to its success. You can start by
forwarding this message to anyone whom you think would help or be helped.

Finally, if you have any personal contacts in the media or know someone who might have
a desire to help promote this product, I’d love to connect with them! I have included more
about my story and the bracelets on my website

I hope that it will encourage you to live your own life to the fullest and never take one
more day for granted!

Please visit his site and leave him some encouragement--he is a young man on a great

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