Saturday, June 14, 2008


We attended a Bald Eagle release today at the Raptor Center. Every few months
there are rehabilitated birds that have healed and are ready to go back to the wild.

Inside the center for a "pre-flight" checkup. Sorry for the reflection--we were behind a window. The eagle was sitting calmly in the woman's lap while they finished the exam. The veterinarian said that sight is the eagle's primary sense and when you cover it they just calm right down. In addition to a health exam the bird's talons and beak are sharpened so they are ready to hunt for food. The woman in the background with the large blue gloves is also holding an eagle.

The trail around the Raptor Center to the release sight is a very nice boardwalk through the forest.

Disclaimer at the beginning of the boardwalk...   :-0

The woman talking is the Raptor Center veterinarian, the one holding 
the eagle is a volunteer at the center.

There were many more captive eagles back at the center to look at.

Nope--she's not as big as an eagle yet!

Awesome sculptures inside the center made by a local artist using recycled glass. We had 2 eagles just this morning outside of our living room window fighting upside down exactly like this!

Click to make the photos larger--the eyeballs were made from the top of a lightbulb!

A chart showing the skeleton of an eagle with the parts labeled. We learned today that eagles have some bones the same size as a deer--only much lighter because they are hollow inside.

Amazing 8 foot tall airbrushed graphic--this photo was taken standing at the back of the room.

The Raptor Center is making a nice website that I will post once it is finished so you can visit.


mary said...

What a fun day! I can't even imagine looking out my windows and seeing eagles. You live in a wonderful, beautiful place.

Niki said...

Really interesting. I love the art. ....Alaska is moving up on the list of places I want to see!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Another WOW what a fantastic place and WOW on the eagles... My newest wish its to someday get to see alaska with my own two eyeballs... But till then... keep these pictures comming you are in an amazing Eden!
Just beautiful.
Hugs Laura
Happy Fathers Day~

Caution said...

I never knew Eagles were so big. What a neat experience for you.