Monday, June 2, 2008


Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote a column this week that really hit home to me.
I think he is right on the money:

By Chuck Baldwin
June 3, 2008

As far as I am concerned, no matter what else I achieve--or fail to achieve--in this world,
the family that God has given me makes my life a success. Anything else pales in comparison.

In addition, it seems to me that far too many people in our country overlook the importance
of child rearing. Many seem to feel that just about everything else--job, career, money, "success,"
etc.--occupies a higher priority than raising honest, God-fearing children. However, Connie and
I decided years ago that raising our children would be a priority in our lives, and boy, we are glad
we did!

I'll say it straight out: it does not take a village to raise kids; it takes loving and courageous
parents. Parents who are not afraid to discipline their children (yes, Martha, I mean old
fashioned spanking: applying the board of education to the seat of knowledge); parents who are
willing to spend time teaching their children right from wrong; parents who will take--not send--
their children to church; parents who will pray with their children; parents who care more about truth
and right than they do about being well-liked or politically correct; parents who will teach their kids
to say "Yes, Sir," and "Yes, Ma'am"; parents who are not afraid to say "No" to their children; dads who
think it is more important that they be a father to their sons than a "buddy"; and moms who would
rather their daughters had pure hearts than popular friends.

How is it that when it comes to leadership expectations, most people ignore a man's leadership at
home? It is almost as if parental leadership is a complete non-factor in judging a person's fitness for
anything. Now, please do not get me wrong: I am not suggesting that bad children cannot come from
good homes. Goodness, no! I have seen very vile young people come out of some of the most righteous
homes, and likewise, I have seen some of the most wonderful and Godly young people come out of the
most wretched homes. I am only saying that real leadership is established and proven in the home first.
Yet, it does not appear that too many people give parental leadership a second thought anymore. Perhaps
this explains much as to what has gone wrong in our society.

Yes, I am aware of the various and sundry political and societal attacks against marriage and parenting.
I see the many battles in the "culture war." I see the attempts to redefine the meaning of marriage, to
wrestle control and authority of the home away from the parents, and to bombard our children with
ideas and philosophies that will ultimately ruin their lives. And, yes, it could come to a point that decent
families will be forced to make the same kind of choices that our Pilgrim forebears had to make.

That said, however, the power of marriage and parenting is still the greatest force in the world. Good
families can stem the tide of humanism, socialism, fascism, globalism, or any other "ism" that seeks to
enslave us. Good families can preserve liberty and independence, fight off totalitarianism, resist
corporate elitism, and promote faith and virtue. Good families are the backbone of our country's greatness,
and the lack of good families will be the cause of our country's fall from greatness.

Greedy, power-mad politicians are no match for a generation of strong marriages. Young people with
character and courage trump purveyors of pretension any day. One principled champion--trained and
equipped by strong, stalwart parents--will put a thousand moral weaklings to flight.

While Pharaoh built his monuments, a humble Hebrew mother taught and nurtured her son, a little
boy miraculously drawn forth from the watery reeds. That little boy became the deliverer of his people.
It was a Godly mother and father that produced the prophet who would anoint the greatest king of Israel.
It was a Spirit-filled mother and father who produced the forerunner of the Messiah. And it was a
virtuous, principled mother--not a government agency, educational institution, or commercial enterprise--
whom God chose to bring the Savior of mankind into the world.

Furthermore, while the potentates and governments of the earth gazed steadfastly upon the might and
power of the British Empire, no one noticed the humble homes of Colonial America, where mothers and
fathers worked by the light of hearth and candle to discipline, teach, and inspire a generation of patriots
unlike the world has ever seen.

Strong, committed, principled parenting has done more to change the course of history, depose despots,
promote righteousness, protect virtue, and secure liberty than all of the colleges, corporate boardrooms,
and presidential palaces combined. And who knows? At this very moment, mothers and fathers across
America could be nurturing and training the next generation of patriots who will rise up and restore the
principles of liberty and greatness to our land? I will tell you this: if parents do not do it, no one else can.

Can I hear an AMEN?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes you can hear an AMEN... however It does to some extent take a village to raise a child... there are times if it were not for the village listening to me(vent) giving me ideas, watching out for my (poor decision making daughter) that I would so totally loose it... It is so overwhelming in this day to keep up with these kids, when they get their mind set on something that one of their so called friends say or something they see in a movie (this happened here before, she watched a movie at a friends) then tried to do the things that she saw in the movie... and when she got into trouble said well they did it there.... UGGGGG there are times I so wish it was a hundred years ago but, I also know that God put a job in front of me to do and it is to raise my kids up in the way he says they should go.
I have a profession but the world of nursing will have to revolve on without me until I am confident that my children are as prepared for life out there as I can possibly make them... and I do miss my job at times ... but God has NEVER failed to provide for me and mine and Never will...

mary said...

What a wonderful post. There is such an age gap between our older three and our younger three that I am able to really "monitor and adjust" my parenting. I am trying to focus more on Godly character, and I want to do everything I can to help my children to develop a very deep intimacy with the Lord. We have also chosen to homeschool the little ones and keep our family closer and at home.

Have a blessed week!

Karen Deborah said...

well sometimes the job falls to grand parents but the main thing is family! AMEN, we need to keep the main thing the main thing and it's not money and success. Have you noticed how many young women are opting out on motherhood period? They are choosing to go childless, how sad.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

HUGS ...I just posted the next year and am heading to bed... its 2 16 am here! It (13) I do believe was the hardest post ever I totally lost it for a bit and had to go outside... I am still not totally sure what happend but I guess I may have had a melt down... which is a standing joke between my husband and I... Oh wild.

mary said...

OK - this has absolutely nothing to do with this wonderful post, but I wanted you to know that I made your WONDERFUL chicken salad last night - very yummy! Have a wonderful day.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thanks everyone for your great comments on this article.

Mary--I am so glad you tried it and liked it! Have you tried the asian chicken salad from a previous post? It is also very good and so healthy!

Janette said...

Parents though need a supportive system around them. If they choose to do the right thing and work to raise Godly children, then the community should also choose to stand around them and help protect their children as well.
Parents have always had a difficult job. Now that I have lived through the parenting of my teens- I will venture into the parenting of my young adults and grandparenting the baby.
Ah- it is an endless (and mostly joyful) task.
Thank you for sharing!