Saturday, May 31, 2008


I was looking through the photos on my hard drive and picked out a few of
my very favorites to share:

Ahhh...summer! My niece at one year old.

My nephew getting married last summer.

My daughter and her sprinkler obsession.

My husband with a baby bird that fell out of the nest by his shop. He stopped the job he was trying to get done, took the time to get the ladder out and put the baby back. I love it that he cared about helping something so tiny and helpless.

Our old German Shepard was the best babysitter!

Learning about guns from dad.

Another great babysitter.

These are for you Mom. I love the overall strap!

My nephew and his fiance.

My older daughter learning to shoot a pistol with her uncle.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me!


mary said...

What precious pictures! I love the baby bird story - we have had a few bird adventures at our house through the years.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful pics love the baby covered in sand :)
hugs and thanks for sharing your memories!

Karen Deborah said...

awhhh so sweet. thank you for sharing those. I love big dogs dirty babies and sweet that your husband would help baby birds. Life doesn't get much better than that does it? we are so blessed.

theshepherdshouse said...

Dear Kris,

What sweet pictures of your loved ones! Treasured pictures to look back on in future years!

Thanks for sharing with us!


LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thanks everyone for sharing in my photos. It's amazing how many pictures I take now with the digital camera then I ever did with the old film developing one!

Kris said...

I like to see the baby in the sink with watermelon. :)