Friday, April 18, 2008



Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite
of difficulty or opposition.

This is a neighbor of mine. I don't know which house he lives in and I don't even know
his name, but I see him every single day. He is elderly--he's got to be 90 if he's a day.
He pushes his walker with the American flag on it along the busiest road in town. The
sides of the road are not very even and there are rocks and gravel, so I imagine it is
quite difficult to push anything with small wheels.

He limps and his back is quite bent, so he must be in pain, but he is out there everyday,
rain, snow or shine (and the shine part is few and far between, let me tell you).  I saw
him walking with snow blowing and swirling around him and I was tempted to stop
and offer a ride in my nice warm car, but I think that would probably defeat his purpose.

I don't know if it is doctor's orders that have him out there walking or if it's his own idea.
What I do know is whenever I have aches and pains and am so tempted to start whimpering
and sniveling about them, I just think of my neighbor and I am grateful for the good health
that I have.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I absolutely love this picture... I think I would have to go walk with him I bet he has some AWESOME stories of his life to share.

Karen Deborah said...

for Pete's sake go shake his hand. Your reminding me of "Under the Tuscan Sun" and the man who left flowers every day; I couldn't take it. But then it takes all kinds of folks to make the world go round.