Thursday, April 17, 2008


We woke to heavy snow falling and ice on our driveway today. It has been one
nasty spring for us, with very cold temperatures and snow almost everyday.
After lunch the snow clouds finally cleared and the sun came out so we went for
a walk to alleviate some of this cabin fever we're all feeling.

Look at this sheet of kelp--what a neat texture it had! It reminded me of the
old amber plastic lights that were popular in the 70's. Lots of neat stuff like this
washes up on the beach after windstorms.

The kids had fun running with the dogs and playing with my older daughter's camera.
If you click on the picture to enlarge it you may be able to see that there is a humpback
whale feeding right behind them in the water and about 5 sea lions bobbing on the water
there too. It was still cold with the wind being particularly icy down by the water.

Silly Lilly the Boxer runs full speed after the birds whenever we are near the water.
Somehow she has this idea that if she could just run fast enough she will catch one.
The seagulls play along and swoop down around her as she's chasing them. We have
seen them circle back around and play again with her. They will also sit on the beach
and wait until she runs full speed at them and fly away at the very last second. She
ends up with her tongue hanging to the ground, just POSITIVE that next time she'll
get 'em for sure.

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Our Red House said...

Wow, these shots are very beautiful -- if chilly looking!