Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My good friend Pam over at MapperSnapper made my day last week! She has a friend
that notified her of a display of beautiful lady head vases down at their local historical
society. So, being the awesome friend that she is, Pam grabbed her trusty Nikon and
headed down there to snap some photos for us head cases. Ooops...I mean head collectors.

Click here to see her great post and lovely pictures of some real-life ladies on display.
Pam is new to head vases, although she remembers them from her Great Grandmother's
house when she was growing up. She said she was surprised when she saw them in person
that they were so intricate. She even got to pass along a bit of head vase knowledge to some
ladies that were there at the historical society. Thanks Pam--you made my day!

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Pam said...

And you made mine by saying I made yours. Funny how the sweetness just goes on and on and one. Kind of like when someone buys coffee for the next person at Starbucks. I'd buy you one but it's too expensive to ship and it would be cold by the time it got there ;)