Thursday, February 7, 2008


It looks weird outside--there's nothing falling from the sky! We woke up to 5 more inches
added to the pile this morning. I believe we are officially at 3 feet now, but I wanted a
precise measurement, so I turned to my trusty Min-Pin-O-Meter.


Scientific Method:

a) Take Min Pin outside to deepest part of yard.

b) Drop into snow.

c) If his ears show you have approx. 3 feet of snow. Ha--I knew it.

d) Retrieve Min Pin, dry off and deposit back in front of the fireplace.


Pam said...

That does it. I am moving to Alaska. We had flurries today. I want three feet.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Hmmmm...flurry...flurry...OH yes, that's when tiny bits of snow kind of whirl around and disappear. Now I remember! All these white piles of snow stunned me temporarily.

Can you bring a couple of snow shovels with you? They seem to be a hot commodity here--not a single store has one left to buy. Oh, that and ice melt or rock salt would be a bonus.