Saturday, December 8, 2007


What a beautiful rainbow I was lucky enough to capture because I happened to have my
camera with me leaving the grocery store. It was so clear I felt like I should get in the car
and drive to the end that was touching down right around the corner!

My youngest daughter had fun swinging from the whale tail in Whale Park. There is a great
viewing deck built with telescopes to watch for whales and informative signs telling about
the different species that frequent these waters. There are stairs going right down to the
water, but oh the climb getting back up for us old people!

The Coast Guard is based here and they often practice out in front of the beach at the end
of our driveway. If you click the picture you can see the Coast Guard swimmer they are
plucking from the water after booting him out the side door. I guess if you make it in the
Coast Guard as a rescue swimmer, you must come from some pretty hardy stock. They did
this all day long in chillingly cold water.


Mapper said...

Neat pictures Kris, I always love when you share a slice of Alaska with us! Youngest girl is a cutie swinging on her whale tail!


flmom said...

What a beautiful rainbow! That reminded me that I haven't seen one around here in quite some time.

The whale's tail is really neat. We lived on Maui for a while and I adored watching the humpback whales.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Yes, isn't the rainbow beautiful...I have never been so close to one that I thought I could actually see it touching the ground like that one.

We will be taking my mother in law to Whale Park and I will take more pictures. We also have to visit Totem Park--you guessed it--totem poles!

Thanks for stopping by Pam and flmom.