Sunday, December 16, 2007


It always makes my heart go pitty-pat when I see the puff of snow blowing off the top of the mountain
since we do live just across the water and this was an active volcano at one time...

Click the picture to make it larger. Boy, everything sure looks blue doesn't it?


Mapper said...

WOW... little else to say there but wow. Lovin God's handiwork there


Anonymous said...

God's creation is so beautiful! And it is free-that's even better. South East Alaska must be ver beautiful. Blessings, Rose

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Pam and Rose-

Yes it is gorgeous! I was awake at 11:00pm because my brother and sister in law were flying in and it was a blizzard out there. They ended up being an hour late and they said the runway was barely visible glowing lights through the snow when they flew in. Boy was I praying for their safety! We are due for snow all week long.

Thanks for stopping by!