Monday, December 10, 2007


This weekend was the 3 day Artisan's Fair in our town. It is a professionally managed and
juried retail fair showcasing high quality handcrafts, fine art and Alaska-made products.
There was a lot of variety--everything from organic skin care items, native hand-crafts,
hand blown Christmas ornaments and jewelry to watercolors, carvings, metalwork and otter
fur items. There are an incredible number of talented artists living in this town and I wonder
if part of it is because of all the natural beauty they are inspired by...

I think my favorites were the cut metal wall hangings. These items were incredibly detailed
and so realistic! The metal was cut, shaped and colored--just gorgeous. It was a lot of fun
to see everything and then as we were leaving we purchased handmade ice cream bars with
hand dipped white or dark chocolate coating and rolled in almonds or toffee--yum!

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