Thursday, June 2, 2011


It has not rained in so long! The weather is unusual
everywhere and we are fortunate enough to be on
the receiving end of unusually NICE weather.

Everyday we come upstairs and see this:

It is so hard to believe that parts of the country are
being pounded by tornadoes!

Check out the eagles on the breakwater in front of
my daughter's school. I counted 36 and that doesn't
include the ones flying around. If you click the
picture it should get larger:

The darker birds are also Bald Eagles, they are just
immature. The signature white head of the Bald Eagle
comes later.

I found this in the store the other day and thought it
was interesting--Beef Bacon. I read the label and there
are no nitrates or nitrites because it isn't made
like regular bacon. There is almost no fat and it
is made down in WA state.

The ingredients are Beef, Water, Sea Salt,
Organic Honey and Celery Powder--that's it.

I bought a package (on sale for $4.99) and it was
really good! I can't stand that fake bacon in the
vegetarian aisle. This texture is almost the same
as regular bacon and it has a nice flavor without
being at all greasy.

I can't remember the regular price, but I will
be buying this from now on when I have a
recipe that calls for bacon.

I leave you with another cream puff from here in town.
This person was driving ahead of us. Although it looks
like he is heading left, he was actually driving straight.
I suppose it is kind of balanced by the way it is leaning
down towards the right...

Have a great day!

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