Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend was the Seafood Festival 2011
here in town. It is a huge celebration of the
biggest industry in southeast Alaska--

There were 2 very well known chefs that
attended and prepared a 5 course gourmet
meal. The dinner was sold out and they
held a cake competition during the dinner.
Our theme was Ocean Dreams and the
cakes needed to be at least 2 tiers and
serve 40 people minimum.

The cakes were served as the dessert
course for everyone and the winner received
a $75.00 gift certificate to a store in town,
plus recognition and pictures in the paper.

Here is my cake that came in 2nd place:

I made the glass ball and bubbles out of
gelatin, as well as the seaweed. The sand
was sugar and the grass is buttercream. The
cake was 100% edible.

The winning cake:

It was fun, but lots and lots and lots of time!

The rest of the weekend was really busy with
fishing and a picnic that I will post about
tomorrow when I have a bit more time.


Laura~peach~ said...

hate to say but the winning cake is ugly... I like yours best... too bad i was not a judge :)

Anonymous said...

Your is much cooler....but congrats on the 2nd place!

Caution said...

I'm lost, too, why the winning cake got the honor. It's boring. I love all the elements of yours.

Anonymous said...

Yours wins in my book. To me the winning cake has nothing to do with the theme of Ocean Dreams.

Cindy in Tennessee

Anonymous said...

I agree with every comment, more so! Your cake would have been very hard to cut into and destroy. It is a masterpiece!
AZ fan to AK artist

Jane said...

I have to say, I'm with everyone else, Kris!! What's with only 2nd place. Yours was beautiful. The other, well.... maybe the judges saw something we don't see. Yours wins in my book!!! Hope all is well.

PS - Interesting shoes that daughter is sporting!! I think she's been in Alaska too long!!!