Sunday, May 29, 2011


It has been a packed week with many, many
activities. First was our younger daughter's
graduation from the 8th grade. It was a
nice ceremony with a few songs by the
younger kids and an inspirational talk
given by the pastor.

Isn't technology great? Here are the scuzzies
(my daughter and 2 nieces) performing a
song during the graduation ceremony. My
brother is holding his iPhone and my mom
and niece are in WA state watching the
whole thing live--so cool!

Then on Thursday a friend that my husband went to
school with visited us from Poland. He works for
one of the cruise lines and this was one of the stops.

He was very sophisticated compared to us! He has
traveled the entire world on the cruise line, even
Antarctica! He showed us a map on his laptop
that has push pins of all the places he has visited
and the map was nearly full except for most
of Africa. He brought us a bottle of red wine
and I made Beef Bourginon with it.

I wonder what he thought after leaving here...
just look at the shirt my husband is wearing LOL

And then that same day it was our older daughter's
20th birthday! I was so slammed with orders that
I wasn't able to make a masterpiece for her, but
I did manage to make a red velvet with cream
cheese frosting that we all enjoyed very much.
Mostly because we got to have actual pieces of
cake, not just leftovers and scraps.

We surprised her with a ticket for her best
friend to come and visit her here while we
are gone in June. They will have so much
fun, play tourist and probably laugh way
too much.

In case you ever wondered what 100 gingerbread
men cookies looks like...


Laura~peach~ said...

congratulations, Happy birthday and cool gingerbread men... one of my favorites :)
love the hubs t shirt too!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe 20 yrs has gone by..where did it go!!