Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching up post...

The scuzzies are at it again! They had themselves a
bit of a tea party with real cucumber sandwiches
and tiny little tea cups.

Notice the little fingers daintily raised:

We have had some spring weather, with days of real
warmth followed by days of damp cold and then back
to the warmth again. In other words, who knows
what we are going to get(at least it's not tornadoes!)

The bakery has been very busy with lots of cakes and
other baked goods. It seems like there is always a
reason to order a cake--I can't get over how many
baby shower cakes I do! I have 4 more already on
my schedule and more waiting in the wings to
decide on themes, colors, etc.

The town is really starting to get busy now with
all the lodge owners returning to open things
up for their coming clients. Plus the seasonal
people are trickling back in; our next door
neighbor will be here the 3rd week in
May for his 3 month stint. The grocery
store is where you really see the difference--
the yachts come back and all of their
help is in the store buying up supplies.
They fill 2 or 3 carts at a time with
food and have to box it up to take out
to the harbors. It is not uncommon to
stand in line behind them and hear the
totals of $1500 and more just for
groceries. They don't blink and eye, they
just smile and pay. Gulp! I guess if you
are going to choke on the cost of food
for a yacht, then you probably can't
afford to have a yacht.

I wouldn't be a very good yacht owner.
I am way too frugal and the thought of
putting thousands just into the fuel tank
would do me in.

I don't know the exact date of the first large
cruise ship, but I do have customers that
have placed an order with me for a large
anniversary they will be celebrating on
one of the ships. I will be supplying the
cakes and Alaskan themed cookies for
them. I have had those requests before,
but in the past the cruise lines have said
no. They don't allow other food to be
brought on board, especially if it is food
that their chef would supply (like a cake)

When I told the customer that she called
the cruise line and they made an exception.
I have a feeling it had something to do with
the fact that she and her entire family have
the penthouse suites reserved on the ship
and given the state of the economy the ship
may have to consider their bottom line.

My husband has been extremely busy
for what seems like months now putting
in a new restaurant on town. The old
Chinese restaurant was torn out of a
large hotel and this new one will be
fish and chips, burgers and breakfast.
My brothers are doing all of the
sheetrock and painting inside. I will
post pictures of the progress and they
have a target opening date of sometime
in May-June.

Our older daughter is house sitting for
a Coast Guard family that has been relocated
back to the south. They flew down to Alabama
just in time for the tornadoes that did all the
damage. They are O.K., they are down on the
coast, it looks like the damage was much
farther inland.

Our younger daughter is finishing 8th grade
and is looking forward to another week at
youth group camp in Juneau. After that we
are taking a break and heading down south
for some time away.

Jane, if you are reading this maybe we could
get together when I get down there? I'll
bring you some chocolate cookies...


TonjiaT said...

Hi! I am new to your blog, and loving reading all about the goings on in AK. Where are you located in AK?

My dream job is to open a bakery, thanks for the visit in your world!

Laura~peach~ said...

WHERE in the south are you comming? anywhere near me??? I would drive to see you :)

Jane said...

Kris, I am soooooo reading this!!! When will you be here. We will definitely get together, and I will certainly not turn down chocolate cookies. Especially your chocolate cookies!!!