Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It has been a long few months for me, with lots of back
pain from a bulging disc. I don't go to regular doctors
for my back since the only 2 suggestions are either
surgery or strong pain meds and I am not interested
in either one of those.

My daughter works at a chiropractic clinic, so she talked
me into an appointment to meet with the doctor there
about my back and neck. She adjusted my neck (which
really helped) but my back was just too painful to man-

She offered me a new technology that she wanted to
learn more about. Since it is non-invasive I thought, Why
not? Like she said, the worst that could happen would
be a waste of time.

The program is called AcuGraph II, digital meridian
imaging. The entire thing is done with the aid of a
computer, a moistened probe and a small hand held
machine that emits hertz.

Basically the doctor has me hold a metal ground and
she uses a small probe that is hooked up to the
computer to measure the energetic status of my
acupuncture meridians.

The readout is then analyzed by the computer and
recommendations are shown in a very detailed
graph of my body. She then takes the small hertz
machine and holds it over each meridian (energy
point) to encourage my body to equalize the hertz
to the machine.

It sounds very strange, I know. But after reading
about it in Chinese medicine it makes total sense.
I have had several surgeries in my lifetime and that
alone will interrupt the Qi (pronounced "chee") or
life force energy in the body.

I have had 4 treatments so far and the difference is
amazing. When I went into the doctor I felt a like a
jigsaw puzzle that someone dumped out on the table.
During the treatments I felt like the doctor had put
a few of my pieces back together, then she put the
border of the puzzle together, now we have groups
of pieces being put together.

There were some painful times. Not during the
treatment, that was painless.But later as the energy
cycled through my body I would have different areas
of my body hurt pretty bad.

One night my right hand swelled to the point that I
wondered if something was really wrong. Then
another time my left rib cage felt like there was a
sword in it. One night my right leg hurt so bad that
I had it elevated and the pain was intense. But the
pain was short lived and then would just disappear.

I have 2 weeks off from treatment and then will
start again.

If you would like to know more about this procedure,
you can read about it more here: AcuGraphII

After reading about this and experiencing it, I think
most people would benefit from having these treatments.
I have read that people that suffer from things like Multiple
Sclerosis respond really well to this procedure.

One of the readouts talks about foods that benefit your
body. Not allergies, but foods that enhance your body
according to your detailed readouts. And it talks about
what hurts your body emotionally and I was blown away
by how accurate it was--I mean blown away.

Nobody knows those things that you think about inside
your head, yet this procedure and test showed me exactly
what I knew about myself and how some of those things
are very harmful to me physically--it was WEIRD.

Blockage of the energy meridians can result in a whole
host of negative health conditions. If you have some time,
read up on this online--you may be very surprised by what
you discover. But don't wait for your MD to talk to you
about that, it will never happen.


Anonymous said...

Am so glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel for your back pain...even if it helps just a little!

Anonymous said...

sorry that was me Cori

Laura~peach~ said...

cool hope you get feeling better and better and yes bradley could use cookies LOL... he is a MESS all the way around and the meds make him even more hyper OH MY...
keeping up with him is so hard right now... he thinks everything is play and his favorite game is catch me if you can!

Jane said...

Wow, Kris! Will write later. Do you think this would help my mom?