Friday, March 25, 2011


Living where we do, we are accustomed to doing
without the things that most everybody in the
lower 48 feels like they can't live without.

No Walmart, Red Robin, Sonics or Costco.

There is not a single mall, bowling alley,
skating rink or Home Depot.

But what we do have is a community that
has learned how to make things happen
and we definitely learn how to make use
of the things we DO have.

There are people that live in outlying
communities that are much more
remote than we are. In fact, compared
to them we look like a metropolis.

These people have discovered that
I make fresh bread and cakes.

So now I am packaging my baked goods
into boxes and taking them over to the
Harris Air to fly them out to the small

I was a little nervous the first time I
shipped a cake, but after meeting the
pilots and the people at the front desk
I knew they would take excellent care
of the baked goods. Plus, they said
if they wrecked it they would just eat
the evidence.

Hardy har har har.

So here is a birthday cake for a camera
enthusiast going down to Klawock:

Cake box snug inside a priority box

Bubble wrap cushion on top

Sealed up with instructions everywhere

Delivered to the nice people at Harris Air.
They are very helpful and just very pleasant.

Most of the items I make can be flown for
approx. $12.00 a box to any of the outlying
communities. That's a pretty darn good
deal considering what it costs to fill up
with fuel in your car to drive somewhere
to get freshly baked goods!

Yesterday's shipment--freshly baked
Chocolate Zucchini, Orange Cranberry,
Lemon Blueberry, Banana and Cinnamon
Swirl bread:


Susan said...

Grandma Tillie's Bakery....flown fresh to your door! Excellent idea. Even though they live "out", there is no reason to craze the beautiful treats. Wonderful idea. I hope your business triples.

Anonymous said...

I like that.... Eat the Evidence!! LOL
PS Am wondering what cake you make for Valerie?

Laura~peach~ said...

how totally cool!!!!!

Jane said...

Kris, you absolutely amaze me!!