Monday, November 1, 2010


We went down south to Washington state last week
for a quick visit with my parents and some time
away down at our cabin.

My husband left on a Thursday and met his hunting
buddies at our cabin. I flew down on the next
Sunday and our plan was to stay with my
parents for a day and then drive across the
state and then down to our cabin.

I have a series of pictures detailing our trip:

High fashion in Stanwood. I was waiting
in the truck for my husband and saw this
man going into the store.

My husband came home from hunting with
his back thrown out. We went to the chiropractor
and it helped, but he needed a walking stick for
most of the trip because his back was hurting
so bad. It was a bummer thing to have
happen, but we got through it.

This a very nice organic farm we stopped at outside of
the little town of Concrete. They had the best homemade
ice cream! It was very quiet here since it is already the
off season and other than a few people hunting for
pumpkins and a lady that locked her keys in her
car it was just us visiting.

Their little delivery vehicle-cute!

There were an abundance of fresh gourds and pumpkins
for sale from their patch, as well as homemade jams.

This was the porch outside viewing part of the pumpkin
patch. The white flags you see on the posts were to
mark a walking tour through the property that
explained how they grew everything organic and
what the growing season was, etc. I think it is a
great idea for kids to learn how real farms work
and see how food is grown in real life.

Continuing on down the road we passed by
this miniature chapel. The door is full sized,
which shows how small the chapel is. It was
next to a river and the ground was deep
with leaves--very quiet and serene.

There was a campground right in the area with a whole
bunch of these cabins to be rented. I would imagine
this place was full during the summer...we saw
barbeque pits, a baseball field, a tiny store and
walking trails on this property. What a fun place
to spend the summer with other families.

This was a beautiful vineyard we passed as we headed into
the mountains.

We are entering the beautiful town of Newhalem.
It is so clean here you could eat off the streets. The
people that live here work for city light and they
have their own library, store, parks and
school building for the employees. It is like
something out of the past with quiet streets
and pretty little houses with wooden siding.
some really beautiful pictures.

Here we are beginning to climb up the first pass with
Ross Lake on our left. It was so nice not to fight any
traffic--most of the tourists have gone home so the
roads were pretty empty.

oooooo noooo--the legendary Bigfoot!

Continued tomorrow...


Niki said...

I enjoyed this post, armchair travels... :)

oh, and a wedding cake pic will be in my next post, the sister of the bride has a wedding cake business and she made it, of course.

Niki said...

Now THAT'S a header picture!!! Cake photo on my post up by tomorrow, Lord willing!