Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Do you recognize this house?


Look closer...see what's in the window?

Hmm. Still don't know?

Here's a hint:

Yep--the Leg Lamp.

A Major Award!

And the original house from A Christmas Story
is fully restored and gives tours. They have a
museum and they even have a convention
coming in November!

I would love to visit and walk through the whole
house. Some of the cast is still alive and they have
a picture of them inside the house.

We watch the movie every year during the
holidays and we all have almost the entire
script memorized.

When we let our dogs out of the garage
and they scramble up the stairs climbing
over each other it reminds me of Ralphie
and Randy tearing up the stairs on
Christmas Eve. Remember when Ralphie
had his mouth washed out with soap
and his mom talks to the other mom on
the phone hanging on the wall in the
hallway? Who has a phone hanging on
the wall in the hallway??

I love the scenes from the department
store too. Just imagine--there was a
time when parents could leave their
kids in the store to look at toys and
they could go shop without worrying
about them. I remember my mom
leaving me at the toy section and
telling me to look and she would be
back in a little bit.

I, of course, was certain that she was
going to go home and leave me there,
(I don't know why I thought that--she never did
anything even remotely like that)
so I was always going over
to the glass doors and looking to
make sure the car was still there.

But that's another story for another time.

Anyway, if you love the movie as much
as we do, check out all the cool stuff on
A Christmas Story website:

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Karen Deborah said...

I love that house, can I just move in? the movie is a favorite of mine too.