Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was interviewed on the radio today
and I survived to tell about it.

The lady that runs the library asked me to
come onto her library show and talk about
some of the books that interest me and I
agreed (reluctantly) because 1)I don't think
I have a very nice speaking voice and 2)When
she said 1/2 hour of time I couldn't imagine
what we would talk about for that long, but
it went really fast.

My favorite kinds of books (other than
cookbooks) have to do with survival stories,
people beating the odds, what happens after
the end of the world, etc. I didn't know until
I looked it up, but that genre of stories
is called Apocalyptic Fiction.

So I went on the 1/2 hour show today to
talk about Apocalyptic Fiction and we
discussed some of my favorite books:

Excellent! This book will
really make you think...and
will make you want to learn
how to do a lot more things
for yourself...

I stopped reading Stephen King
quite awhile ago because he has
gotten too weird and dark for my
tastes. But this story remains
a classic. It is well written with a
lot of thought put into each of the
characters. It is the classic
Good versus Evil story that
ends well.

This is one of my favorite books.
Written from the perspective of
a man whose brother is high up
in the military and is privy to
classified info about the nuclear
bombs that the USA is being
threatened with. Alas Babylon
is the code name they use to say
that the bomb is coming...excellent
info. in this book and a very well
written story to boot.

This is a very thick book about
a young girl (Swan) that has an
amazing gift for growing things
and how she plays a large part
in the survival of all living things
on the earth after a catastrophe
of world wide proportions.
Warning--there are some graphic
portions of this book that I wish
I could have just skipped over.
Overall I would read it again
because it is well written and
is an excellent adventure story.

The show will air this Saturday
at 6:30 pm our time if any of
you here in town want to hear
me stumble over my words and
you can even hear me drop the
whole pile of books I was holding
onto the floor at one point.

Gah. What an amateur.



Anonymous said...

Sweet... I have loved Lucifer's Hammer for YEARS! Really makes you think for a long long time! And the Stand is the only Steven King book I can "stand" lol...will have to check out the others!

Kathy said...

How fun and I'll bet you sounded great. I love Stephen King and The Stand is my favorite of his. I'll have to put the others on my very long 'to read list'. Very funny that you dropped your books.

Karen Deborah said...

your adorable. i was just thinking about reading today.