Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have been sleepy allll daaaay looooong.
Maybe it's this weather....we have switched
back from dry and sunny to wet and grey
and it is difficult for me to get motivated.

Of course, it doesn't help that it is still
light out at 11:00 pm, gets dark for about
4 hours and then it is light again at 3:00 am.

We tried closing the blinds all the way, but
then we slept in until 8:00 am--not good!

So far the best solution is to close the blinds
about halfway, then the light creeps in about
6:00 am. Now if we could just do something
about the songbird chorus at 3:30 am...

My husband went out fishing today and had
a great (but very wet and chilly) time. The
Kings are really hitting right now and he
was able to keep 2:

He looks a little shell-shocked because he
got pretty cold out there. It rained non-stop
the entire time out in the boat and the wind
really made it cold.

Some days you go out in the boat and don't really
catch anything or see any wildlife. Today was a
viewing day! The picture below shows a sow
and 3 cubs walking along the beach. I loaded
it large sized, so hopefully you can click it and
see them. My husband said the sow was up on
her hind legs looking at the boat and then the
cubs stood up next to her and watched her
closely until she gave the signal to run into
the woods.

The next thing he spotted was a deer swimming in the
water. This is common here; lots of animals swim
between the hundreds of small islands. Our neighbor
came upon a large bear swimming and said it was
really something to see such a large animal swimming
in the water. Hopefully you can click these pictures
and make them larger to see the deer in the water.

The last set of pictures were taken here in town. See
the little fuzzy wuzzy fella in the middle climbing over
the fence? That is why my younger daughter doesn't walk
home from babysitting at the neighbor's this time of year.

Is it bad when the wildlife is bigger than your car?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh my!!!!!! beautiful pics love the header that last one... WOW would not like to walk outside to that!!!

Karen Deborah said...

oh wow this is so cool! and SCARY....a bear in town..wowzas. You live in the last great frontier.
um and can I please eat some fish with you?