Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, folks I just talked to my mom and she
was pronounced in remission and cancer
free yesterday! Thank you so much to
everyone for their prayers and thoughts
during this last year. She will go back
on July 20th for another check up and
then she is O.K. to take a trip up here
to visit everyone.

In the beginning it is difficult to think
ahead to a positive end result, but she
has worked really hard at taking care
of herself, following the doctor's orders
and keeping a positive attitude. God
hears the prayers of His people and
we are so grateful for His intervention.

The weather has been really nice this
spring and now beginning of summer
so we have been working in the yard,
going on the boat and hiking a bit.

One of the cool plants we saw over on
a short hike:

Makes you want to just grab ahold and run your hand
down it, doesn't it--yeesh.

Our Golden Chain was gorgeous this year with all
of the sun we have had. My husband almost murdered
it last year by building a fire too close to it, but it
seems to have recovered nicely even if it is
leaning a little to the right.

The Coast Guard has been busy out in front of our house:

We went out to Camp Coogan for my husband to look
at a repair to a boathouse. These boats have seen
better days.

We went in one of the back bays and found my
dream house. Click the picture to make large:

I don't think I would ever go to town except for groceries.
Can you even imagine living here? The lady that owns the
floathouse we were looking at said when they got there
in the morning there was a sow with 2 cubs walking
on the beach next to the house and when they woke
up in the morning there was a huge male grizzly
walking along the meadow.

Back at the harbor "Spot" was sitting in the tree
watching us get the boat ready to leave. Check
out all the pinecones on that tree! If I could only
find a recipe to use them in...

My husband went out with a friend to check his
halibut skate. Look what was hooked:

He said the mouth had 2 large teeth like a
parrot and the body is shaped like a shark.
Look at the size of the eyeball! It didn't
have regular scales, they were more like
plated armour. Weird.

Then they had this hooked on there:

A skate. Can you even imagine what is living out there
in those billions of gallons of salt water?

So then this went floating by our house:

This is the mega-yacht Turmoil. I looked it up online
and it is one of the largest yachts in the world. Those
are islands behind it and it makes the islands look small.
It was in the harbor all week and it dwarfed anything
else there except the Coast Guard cutter. The front
has 4 regular sized boats on it and there is a
helicopter in the back under it's own cover.

I read online that the owner took possession of it and
then died a few months later so his family uses it to
sail around the world. He was the man that started
the clothing company Land's End.

Lotsa cakes to do and cookies to bake, so I better
go get the ovens fired up!


Niki said...

Praise God!!! Wonderful news about your MUM :)

Jane said...

I'm so happy for you about your mom, Kris. That is VERY exciting news! What a blessing!
Today would have been Mom and Dad's 57th wedding anniversary. I spent part of the day with her (working on taxes that we had to put in an extension on in April), and my brother was having her over to their place for dinner.
It has been so nice to be able to see Elea!
Talk to you soon.

Kathy said...

Great news about your Mom!
I love visiting your blog. You are a great travel guide and awesome photographer. I want to visit! I have so many questions...what kind of plant was that? is your golden chain tree a native tree? (I love it) What the heck was that fish? Is the helicopter chasing that boat? if so.. what next, land near it? Can I move into your dream house and you deliver my groceries and cakes and cookies? I also love your cake posts....I want to visit-eat cake and have you as my tour guide! Thanks for sharing your awesome life. :-)