Sunday, June 13, 2010



Every once in awhile this happens. I hardly ever figure
out what went wrong, I just throw it out and start over.
A bad egg? A forgotten ingredient? I have no idea and
I don't have time to dwell on it.

Lucky for me it burned so bad on the oven floor that it
was like charcoal and just wiped off with a damp cloth.
I left the kitchen window open all night to air it out
because I had cakes to do in the morning.

Friends of ours celebrated their little girl's
first birthday on Friday. It was a very special
cake because this is the little girl I wrote about
last year that was born very premature. Her
mom was airlifted down to Seattle and she
was there for weeks and weeks.

They were advised by the doctors that when
a baby is born so premature they do not
develop resistance to disease very fast. They
recommended that the baby be kept home
for a full year so she isn't exposed to so
many sicknesses at once. They have been
very faithful to keeping that advice and
she has been kept isolated for a full year
except for individual family members
coming and going.

So little Abigail is just starting to come
out and meet everyone at one year old.
Funny, when I delivered the cake we
realized I had made it to match the
party invitations, which I didn't get
to see before I made the cake. Looks
like it was just meant to be!

This was a carrot cake for a lady in the Pioneer
Home turning 85 years old. Lots of pretty
flowers for a pretty lady!

This was a fun cake for a bride getting married
in Hawaii in July. They had the shower decorated
so cute when I dropped the cake off! It was a Luau
theme and they had palm trees set up, leis everywhere
and lots of neat touches. The cake was Italian Creme
so there was coconut inside for a tropical flavor.
I tried to make the flowers look like lei flowers,
but I don't know if I succeeded:

This was a 50th anniversary cake that we
delivered in the pouring rain. My husband
held a huge cardboard over me as I carried
it from the car into the building, then I waited
in the lobby while he ran back to the car for
the granite cake stand.

We went up 2 stories in an elevator,
then up 2 staircases with me carrying the
assembled cake and him carrying the
14" granite cake stand.

By the time I set the cake down my arms
were shaking so bad and I still had to set
the topper in place with everybody
watching. Nothing like pressure!

I love how this cake turned out with
all of the gold and I made the sugar flowers
to match the pretty topper the daughter's

I have a light week coming up as far as cakes,
which is good because our church is having
a breakfast fundraiser next weekend to raise
money for sending the younger kids to camp
in July. I volunteered to make cinnamon
rolls with cream cheese frosting to serve
at the breakfast.

Yum. Is there anything better than freshly
baked cinnamon rolls?


Susan said...

Your cakes are so beautiful!!! I am especially captured by the beautiful lettering you do. How cute you showed us the "error" in the oven. Makes us all human, doesn't it? I so wish I lived closer to be the recipient of one of your cakes.

Jane said...

All you cakes are cool, but I love that wedding cake. It's soooo elegant looking. And that bridal shower cake with the wedding dress - how cool is that! You are so creative!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your cakes! You are really talented!

Cindy Wright

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the carrot cake... does not hurt that it is my favorite to eat too! BEAUTIFUL cakes!