Monday, June 7, 2010


It was sooo warm yesterday! It felt so good
to sit out on the deck after church and just
soak up the sun. I had a cake to start and
I find it way too easy to see a hundred other
things I would rather do than go down to
the kitchen and fire up the ovens on such
a beautiful day.

Our pastor called about 2:00pm and said
he and his wife were going out on their
boat for a little bit--would we like to go?

Hmmm, gorgeous, sunny day, flat ocean,
nice boat, great friends, oven avoidance

Plus, we get to enjoy Missy's company--score!

There was one ship in town. Boy did those passengers
have a beautiful day to visit.

We passed by the local lighthouse that was built by
our veterinarian. He is in the process of building
another one at the other end of town, so if anybody
is in the market for a lighthouse this one is for sale.

1.2 million.

Dollars, not clamshells.

Any takers?

Having fun...

We passed by this cabin on the very tip of Long Island.
I was wondering how in the world they got the
building supplies up there. Helicopter? What an
amazing location, they look right over the ocean
and some of the best fishing grounds.

Of course, the ever-present whales were around us. We
heard this week that there is a dead Humpback whale
over at Kruzoff, which is the island Mt. Edegcumbe is on.
Fish & Game was checking it out and they think it was
hit by a cruise ship. That is so sad to me.

This kind of looks like a postcard to me. I caught Alaska
Airlines coming in for the 6:00pm flight. I have flown
in on clear days like this and the beauty almost makes
your heart stop. Lucky passengers!

And a drumroll please....

My niece graduating from academy.
High five and congratulations on
4 years of dedication & hard work!

Our older daughter was able to attend
the ceremony in WA, so I can't wait to
see more pictures and hear the details!


Niki said...

Wow, you truly do live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

It is one of my top travel choices and we do hope to get there in the next few years. I'll be emailing you for lots of travel tips and places to see :)

Thank you for the beautiful pictures yet again....

and I don't think you'll ever regret not firing up the ovens on a day like that!


Susan said...

You live is such a beautiful part of America. My husband has visited Alaska many times, but I have not once. Someday, I hope.

ATTILA said...

Awesome. I like your style.

Caution Flag said...

Oh, it's good to "talk" to you again!

I can't believe that someone would actually build a lighthouse these days. Doesn't that seem like 100 out of date? Wonder what it looks like inside.

Karen Deborah said...

breathtaking. Visiting you is on my bucket list.