Wednesday, May 26, 2010


At least it feels like it is here today. Our
thermometer says it is 71 outside and up
here that is really warm. The town is sure
getting geared up now with tourists galore
downtown. Unfortunately I saw a lady I
know getting a ticket today for parking
too close to a tourist bus.

Look at this cool thing! It is a rolling kitchen cart with
stainless steel tops with one side that folds down. My
husband removed it from a house he was remodeling.
The renters just left it behind when they moved and
the out of state owners wanted it gone. It fits perfect
in this spot and I have designated it my "cake station"
Everything in or on this will be for making cakes.

The Artesian well is open again so we went and
filled up our water jugs. I love this area--it is so
pretty and you are pretty much guaranteed to
see something neat when you visit here.

The boardwalks are great for walking on and this is
the area where the bears like to hang out once the
grass gets longer later in the summer.

There are a few of these benches to sit and relax:

What are they looking at?

What the heck is "Bear Etiquette? I picture
a bear wearing a fancy hat with it's pinky in
the air while it eats you.

Sheesh, how about Grizzly Bear Danger?

Or even--Using Your Head Around Bears 101.

This looks like it fell from outer space to me.

Cute cabin--someone was using this so I didn't go closer.
$50.00 a night and the cabin was brand new last year.
There is even a bench built down by the river.

More aliens...

Trilliums. I remember these from growing up.
Our woods were full of them.

The bird/bear/deer viewing shelter. We were
in there last year watching a sow pull salmon
out of the river in there.

A couple of cakes:

This was a Stout cake, as in Stout ale. My customer
sent me the recipe and had me deliver it as a surprise
for her boyfriend since she lives out of state. I have
never made this cake before, but the cut-offs from
it were very good. The alcohol bakes out but leaves
behind a nice rich taste with the chocolate. The
glass on top was made from modeling chocolate.

A wedding cake to celebrate a reception in a wood
fired hot tub. How do you like the Xtra Tuffs at the
bottom? 2 pairs now instead of 1? :-)

Well tonight is our older daughter's birthday so I
better run and get the Chicken Caeser salad finished
that she requested. Tomorrow is her party!

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Susan said...

Wonderful photos. Thanks for taking us along into the woods. The cakes are perfect!!!! I absolutely love that kitchen island. I could use it also. And, my daughter's birthday is the 26th also. So, there, we have so much in common we could talk for hours. Wish I could see Alaska and have that dream come true.