Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Remember I talked about us having a small
group bible study here?

In anticipation of people wanting coffee to
go with the baked goods I would be providing,
I thought I should use my large coffee pot.

I bought this from a friend awhile back and
had never had occasion to use it until now.

I had my husband get it out of the closet
downstairs and he pulled it out of the box.

Hmm. Looks innocent enough.

Unbeknownst to me, there was a large rock
in the box with the coffee pot.

Me: ???

Now I have to pause here and explain something.
Polish people have certain beliefs about some
very different things. I won't call them
superstitions, but they come awfully close.
And when you are raised with these beliefs
you can't help but incorporate them into
your own life.

Useful things like Never clip your fingernails on
a Saturday or you will marry a stupid woman.

Another one: Never keep rocks in your
house or you won't have any bread.

Now I know for a fact that it can't possibly
mean the bread you eat because it seems
like all I do is make bread in this house.

No, it must mean bread, as in money.

O.K., back to the story.

So my husband sees the rock in the box,
walks over to the patio door and throws
the rock over the deck outside. I saw him
pause for just a nano second, then he shut
the door and as he was walking away he
paused again. Boy, that sure didn't sound
like the rock hitting gravel...

He turns quickly, runs out on the snowy
deck in his slippers and yells NOOOOO!

He comes back in muttering to himself
I can't believe it I can't believe it I can't believe it

Turns out the jeep (MY jeep) that he had
just moved there 3 minutes before
to free up more parking spots was directly
underneath the deck, in the exact flight
pattern of the evil anti-bread rock:

Oh yeah. How fantastic that the circular pattern
coincides perfectly with the placement of my eyes.
I can't duck under or look over--it is like driving
looking through a kaleidoscope. Every time I
saw a cop I went down a side road to avoid them
in the fear that I would get a big fat ticket on
top of everything else.

Boy does that get old. Don't they have anything
else to do besides drive around???

The only place in town that replaces windshields
quoted $450.00 for a new one installed. Hey,
now I get the part about no bread in the house!

So by calling around my husband was able to find a
place down in WA state that sells new windshields
and would ship it to us for a total of $150.00

Of course, that is with his labor to install it.
Talk about a messy job--yuk.

Now I know there is a lesson rolling around
in there somewhere, but so far I haven't figured
out what it is.

So, I have a brand new windshield which is wonderful:

AND I have a gnarly new sticker to boot!


Susan said...

Interesting course of events. But, I am still perplexed by the rock in the coffee pot. So, did the coffee pot work?

Karen Deborah said...

This is a great story, even if you did crack your winda.
We have 3 broken windshields and are cars tint is too dark to be legal--yeah why do those guys have to drive around all the time? Good point!

my word verif is laino-- my name was once laine--how cool is that?

Corisa said...

Hey that sticker is worth the breaking of the old window just to get it!
I might have to break mine to get a cool sticker included....lol

Mary said...

I have had a good chuckle at the expense of your windshield :) I have also been thinking about what we Texans believe, such as: "only throw dry cow patties," or "don't wear your spurs in the house." I like the new sticker!

Kathy said...

WOW, this was like a bad joke. At least the sticker 'rocks'.