Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a great time last week with our good friend
Cori from Colorado coming up for a visit. We had the
hardest time deciding when would be the best time
for her to come...wait until summer in an attempt
to hit some good weather but subject her to the
tourist madness, or have her come now and
maybe she would see the Herring Fishery
and the weather might not be very nice...

We totally lucked out and she came the day
before the herring fishery opened. The whole
town comes alive when the herring arrive and
it is really a site to see 60+ boats racing down
to the deadline for a chance at a million
dollar set of herring in their net. We ran
into a customer of my husband and he was
kind enough to invite us over to their house
to watch the fishery from their living room:

We went up Castle Hill where the exchange
of Alaska from the Russian's took place, we
went out in the boat, we saw whales, whales
and more whales, we ate out a few times
and she was even here for my daughter's
birthday party.

Our little fuzzy buddy that greets visitors at the airport.

The gun. Always with the gun. And in my kitchen for
crying out loud.

A beautiful day at the harbor. I know we look a little
"thick" That's because we were going out in the boat
and you have to dress for any weather. The layers
can be peeled off once you get out there, but if
you get cold it's miserable. At one point Cori was
wearing so many layers she looked like Randy in
A Christmas Story--I can't put my
arms down Ma!

My husband took her down to see the seafood processing
plants in town. Lots of herring to be shipped to Japan.

Brrrrr, 16 degrees in here all day long.

Sitka's version of a parking lot.

Fishing was lots of fun, even if we didn't catch any halibut.
As soon as the line goes in the water there is something
on the end of it to pull in. We lost count after 25.

These smaller fish are really good eating gently fried in
a little butter.

The whales just swam round and round while we fished.

We went to 2 museums and did the walking
tour of Totem Park. There sure is a lot to
learn about totem poles and what the
carvings mean!

Remember that old Hitchcock movie The Birds?

The weather was pretty nice, with a couple
of days of rain and of course, colder than
she was used to, but overall it was a really
fun time and we are so glad she came!


Corisa said... had 2 t-shirts, 1 long sleeve shirts, 2 sweat shirts, thermal pants under the jeans and a ski parka..... I take being warm seriously even if I look like am 9 months expecting! LOL

Thanks for the GREAT time!

Kathy said...

I loved this! I felt like I was visiting also. Your scenery and town is wonderful. I can't even imagine so many fish and whales, cool!

Mary said...

What a wonderful time with your friend! I am hoping our friends will travel to Mozambique to spend time with us. I love, love that you have whales outside your back door. Have a wonderful week with your sweet family.