Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is what we woke up to this morning. The herring
are coming in and what do you know, the snow showed
up. Just an Old wives tale? hmmm...

Freecycle does it again! I have been wanting to get a futon
or couch with a fold out bed for the area we have in our
living room behind the couch. I have all of our books set
up so you can look out the window and read, but I thought
it would be neat to also have a place where someone
could sleep if we needed extra beds.

This futon was placed on Freecycle and I was the
first person to call. We flew over there and grabbed
it--things go very fast when you live on an island!

It folds easily down into a nice queen sized bed and
the best thing is the mattress is very thick and there
are no bars underneath to poke you in the back
like a fold out couch does. It is very comfortable
and roomy enough to stretch out on.

I washed the cover before we even brought it in
the house and after church I will go through my
blanket stash and see what looks good on here.
I think when it gets nice out we will take it
outside and paint the metal a different color
that matches our living room better, but for
right now it is terrific!

So come on up everybody, now we have
2 queen beds for people to stay over.

My first special order cake:

The customer remembered a cake from growing up
that tasted of spices and lemon with lemon frosting.
I had to look pretty hard, but thanks to a cake forum
I belong to I found an old recipe that seemed to be
what he was looking for. It had ginger, cinnamon
and nutmeg in the batter with lemon juice and rind
in it. The cake was for friends of his that are still
finishing their new house. I hope to get some
feedback from him about the taste and if it's
good I will make one for us and then maybe
add it to my cake menu.

My latest reading book recommended to me
by our librarian. I love it--this person writes
very similar to Fannie Flagg--small town
Southern humor at it's best!

Annual church business meeting tonight--uggh.


Susan said...

You will love that futon. We had an extact one 10 years ago. Sold it with the house, but it sleeps wonderful..closed up as a couch or opened up as a bed. I am thrilled for you. The snow looks pretty.

All together is almost spring!!

Caution Flag said...

No fair!! I've been on Freecycle looking for a futon with no luck at all :(