Thursday, January 7, 2010


Finally. Sheesh it seems like these
2 have been gone forever. Maybe
because they were gone to Juneau
for a few days right before Christmas
and then left right after Christmas
for the last 9 days. My daughter has
missed an entire week of school, so
she has some catching up to do.

They did have a one night lay over
in Seattle, so they were able to run
up and see my Mom and Dad for a
little bit. They are both feeling a
bit under the weather and could
use prayer for improved health.

I am glad they made it in tonight--the
flight to Juneau was cancelled, so all
those people had to stay in Seattle.
They came through the bumpfest
known as Ketchikan. You don't want
to eat too big a dinner if you are
landing there...

They both said it was fun to go,
but REALLY GREAT to be home.
When you leave this place it is
amazing how much you miss
the smell of fresh, clean air.

Big news with my mother in law,
she has been invited to move to
Belgium for 2 years to supervise
the gardens over there. She is a
master gardener and apparently
the government is trying to take
over the public gardens in Belgium
and they want her there to help
keep them intact. I think she has
more guts than most people half
her age to do something like that.
She doesn't even speak French!

I delivered a birthday cake on the way to the
airport. Dark Chocolate Coffee with Raspberry
filling and Vanilla Buttercream.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to make
these thing and never get a bite? Not even
a teeny one? Yes, I do sometimes level the
tops a bit, but crumbs are not the same as
your very own big piece of cake with
frosting and filling on a pretty plate.
Great. Now my mouth is watering.

Hey, maybe some secret admirer will
order a cake and ask me to deliver it to me?


I finally made an extra loaf of Cranberry
Nut bread this last week for us to eat. It
is weird, but I have never tasted it,
I just make tons of it for customers. I
love the mild orange flavor of the bread
mingled with the tart cranberry. No wonder
people order it all the time.

I also made Red Velvet for the first time
this holiday season because people
requested it. Boy is it good! The bright
red color kind of put me off, but the flavor
is so good. Just a hint of chocolate with a
nice tang from the vinegar in the batter
and the cream cheese frosting. It now has
a spot in my keeper notebook.

I ordered this book out of curiosity. I had
read somewhere that it was interesting
because it talks about how trends get
started, why certain things become
fads, etc. So far it is fascinating just
reading about people types and how
they affect everybody's lives, whether
we know it or not.

My daughter and I went and saw Avatar
and Sherlock Holmes while we were
alone. Avatar was incredible and I am
sure it was even better in 3D, but
we don't have that here. My favorite
parts were the glowing lights in
the darkness. It was just so cool
looking and made me wonder if that
is how Heaven will be.

Sherlock Holmes was O.K., but I
would have been just as happy to
rent it on DVD. It was just a little
too far removed from the books
for my liking. I mean, Sherlock
Holmes fist fighting? Please...


Niki said...

We too have seen Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. We saw Avatar in 3D and actually I don't think it would have made much difference, since the special effects were so good....we knew Sherlock was not going to be at all like the books, and so went in not expecting that and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Glad your people are home!

Caution Flag said...

I cannot visit your blog when I'm doing Weight Watchers!!!

That book sounds interesting. I'll have to find a copy somewhere.

You are going to visit your MIL in Belgium, aren't you???