Monday, January 11, 2010


According to the media the economy is recovering and the
recession is over. Are any of you seeing that where you live?
I just keep hearing about people I know losing their jobs and
foreclosures that are still happening all over the country. There
were 85,000 more jobs lost in December--they call that a

I know one of the things I can do as a consumer is to buy from
my own country whenever possible. What good does it do to
buy everything in Walmart, when something like 90% of their
goods are imported from another country? Does that help our
economy, or does that just help Walmart's multi-billion dollar
bottom line? I really don't know any other way to look at it.

I know last year when we were down south I bought my daughter
a long sleeved shirt in Walmart and the very first time I washed
it the stupid thing rolled up in a ball and came unraveled. I looked
at the tag--Made in China. HIGH quality, oh yeah. Glad I saved
$2.00 and gave the Walmart family billionaires more of my hard
earned money. Plus I had to go buy another one anyway--duh!

My older daughter received a nice T shirt as a Christmas present
last year from this company and after tons of washings it still
looks and wears like new.

It takes a little more effort and definitely a few more bucks,
but in the long run if you buy American you will have bought
a better product and helped keep your money where it belongs,
keeping Americans working.

I even found a place yesterday in Alaska that sells dried herbs
and teas that they grow themselves here in Alaska. You can bet
I will be buying from them from now on.

I did a quick search and came up with multiple websites that
sell American products--check it out:

Still Made in USA

22 products which are made in America:


Anonymous said...

woot...CLAPPING very loudy! I ahve been trying to do this also.... John bought a facet of all things that broke right away..he took it back andI asked if it was made in China..Yup...a month later is it already breaking again.. I LOOK on everything I buy!

Margaret said...

Wonderful...thanks for all the info. I try to buy Made in the USA, or if not possible from any country other than China. One problem area is flatware. It is now only made in China.