Thursday, January 28, 2010


The Good:

I passed the final inspection this morning. Whew,
that is a good thing to have out of the way. I had
2 violations--the first is that I keep my dish soap
in a glass bottle by the sink and I didn't label it
as being soap. The inspector said someone could
come along and think it was balsamic vinegar
and use it on a salad.

Okey Dokey.

The second was the fact that we didn't use special
lightbulbs over the sink that have shatterproof
glass. We did use those in the whole rest of the
kitchen, but I didn't think they were necessary
over the sink since I don't do any food prep
over the sink.

I'll get those 2 things remedied and all the
rest is good to go. I am going to sell at the
Farmer's Markets this summer, so I need
to be thinking about what people will want
to buy there. I heard there is a man that
sells sourdough bread, so I don't know
if it would be smart for me to also try
to sell bread. One thing I will bring for
sure is Caramel Corn. The trick is to
place a sample bowl out for people to
snack on--gets 'em every time!

The Bad:

Just look at the size of that ankle, would you?
She tripped at school and twisted it bad enough
that the morning was spent yesterday at the
doctor and then the hospital for x-rays. At
least it's not broken like it was 3 years ago
and she is back at school today on crutches.

It is still beautiful weather here, overcast
today with some blue skies & almost 50 degrees!
Not a drop of rain or snow.

The surfers are down across
the street having fun on their lunch hours.

I am just fine with this winter--I am good
without the constant snow and ice. No
really, you can have it. Be my guest.


Anonymous said...

I just want to know if you can wash dishes with Balsamic vinegar!! LOL

Caution Flag said...

Isn't it crazy what violations they can find?

That ankle looks like it HURTS! Poor girl. Too bad she doesn't have a mom who could bake something sweet to cheer her up...

Karen Deborah said...

I see that swelling and the ice pack that should be on it; is where?