Monday, November 2, 2009


Our older daughter bought her first vehicle and she
paid for it with her own money--in full! She works
for our home repair business, house sits, babysits,
mows lawns and in all her spare time she is
learning to be a pharmacy tech. Oh and she is
taking a math class at the college.

It's a neat truck, just the right size and 4 wheel
drive (very important with our steep driveway)

Right before we went and picked up the truck
our younger daughter brought home straight A's
on her report card!

Lots of progress in the kitchen to report. In fact, with
everybody helping all that is left is a second coat of
paint on the trim and then I can call the inspector.

I just know he is going to show up with the dreaded
clipboard in hand. And probably a magnifying glass.
He may even be wearing a white glove to check for
dirt and debris underneath the flooring. I wonder
if he will request a step stool so he can inspect
the ceiling for cleanliness.

If anybody needs me I will be in the hall closet
with the door shut and lights off until he's gone.

Can they be bribed with pastry?

Did I just write that?

Here is the outside entrance that I will use to bring items
in and to load up to deliver. Everything is recycled--
isn't that awesome? My husband is a genius at reusing
items instead of throwing them away. He makes
them work for what we need and makes them look
nice as well.

I still need to order vinyl graphics for the patio door
so nobody tries to walk through it. That would
be bad, wouldn't it?

Especially if it was the inspector.

Must be deer hunting season. Doesn't everybody have
antlers cooking on their barbeque?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOL Love the cooking antlers!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh and the inspector is your friend... Tell him/her i said so LOL

Niki RuralWritings said...

giggling all the way through your antlers on the bbq yet....but it's only the first week of hunting season here.

Lovely to have you back :)

Karen Deborah said...

oh my gosh the kitchen is stinkin FABULOUS!! you must be so excited! I would definitely feed the inspector right before the he looks into that pot of deer antlers.
love your surfin header!
Bravo mom & Dad on doing a good job raising kids!

mary said...

You have been a busy girl! I love the new kitchen, and I know the inspector will too :) Did you have a good trip to see your mother? My old computer died, and my new one finally came in today. If I only knew how to use it - lol!

I almost hate to ask, but why do you have antlers in a pot? I am so proud of your girls. Great job mom!

Janette said...

Found this

Thought you might be interested!