Monday, July 20, 2009


O.K., not really backwards, but it sure seems like I
meet myself coming and going sometimes.

Friday night was my daughter's graduation party.
We delayed it since she went down south for a
month after graduating. We had a great time
with 45+ people showing up to wish her well
and share in the celebration.

Today I made lunch and delivered it to the
city employees for a meeting. Homemade
bread with turkey, ham, cheese, tomato
and lettuce, pasta salad and a chocolate
chip bar. One lady has allergies, so I made
her chicken salad, baked potato chips
and an apple.

This is our neighbor that lives here part time. He has a
nice boat, all the best fishing gear, & LOVES to fish. The 
thing is, he doesn't eat much salmon. Lucky us, he is a 
generous man and gives us all the fish he doesn't want,
including this 20 pound beauty!


after...smoked salmon!
If you put your nose up close to the screen you may be
able to smell the delectable aroma.

I had a visitor this week. Nathaniel came with his
mom so I could help her decorate his big brother's
birthday cake. He is such a good baby, very happy
and lots of smiles all the time. Plus he did a lot
of this, which helped since we were quite busy
with frosting and sprinkles.

Here is the birthday boy's finished cake! He
loves Jack's Big Music Show, so that's who we
put on the cake. I made the image from royal
icing and the notes are made of fondant.

My little Min Pin hates to have his toenails
clipped. In desperation we tried the dremel
tool last night because I had heard from a
groomer that dogs sometimes will tolerate
it better than the clippers. It seemed to work
well by grinding the nails instead of cutting
them but as you can see by his face he still
hates to have his nails messed with.

Pictures from the graduation party...
my little niecie-poo with a Jesus
fish cookie.

I made a small 6" cake for my daughter since 
there were so many other desserts to eat.
She asked for a lime green zebra cake, so
that's what she got. The butterflies on it
were made of rice paper, so the whole
cake was edible.

Dessert table on the right, appetizers on the left. In the
round dishes on the very right of the dessert table were
chocolate maraschino cherries--YUM.

You need to use the cherries that have the stems on.
Simply melt different types of chocolate in a double
boiler, drain the cherries on paper towels and then
dip them in the chocolate. Set them on waxed paper
to set up, use the fridge to speed the process.

They were very easy and a big hit with everybody.

Special Request: I would appreciate your prayers
for my mom. She is going through some health
issues and will soon be having surgery. My sister
and I will be flying to be with her and I surely
would appreciate your prayers for everything
to go well, for very little pain for my mom and
for an extra speedy recovery.

Thanks so much and I will be updating as I
can from WA state.


mary said...

The graduation party was beautiful, and your goodies looked fabulous (as usual)! I will be praying for your sweet mother to feel better, and for you to have a safe trip. I know your mother will love the time she will spend with you and your sister :)

Niki RuralWritings said...

I have a feeling the food in Alaska and I would get along VERY well!!!

Praying for your mum, Kris

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful stuff... i have never care much for salmon but i am willing to bet that fresh and smoked would work well for me :) that baby Nathaniel is too adorable! and the graduation party looks like tons of fun...
hugs and prayers for your safe travles and moms full recovery